SC will check the income of the richest state Duma deputies

As reported by “Kommersant”, the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) check the Declaration of the state Duma Deputy from the faction “United Russia” Mikhail Slipenchuk, who took second place among the parliamentarians of the lower chamber by revenue in 2015.

The inspection is related to a criminal case of attempted murder and theft. It, according to the publication, conducted by the investigative Department of the TFR in the Central district of Moscow, in which he entered the corresponding order of the Prosecutor General.

So, in their Declaration Slipenchuk pointed out that by the end of 2010 on his account in CB “ROSBANK” was 160 thousand rubles., and in KB “OBI-Bank” — more than 1.8 billion rubles But in the case States that three months later the assistant Slipenchuk Sergey Veselovsky attorney withdrew €5.4 million from his account in the Bank, and the Deputy took away from OBI-Bank €16 million to €20 million of these funds, the Deputy allegedly loaned his business partner, Tatyana Balm.

She reported that she was offered money for a cell in the savings Bank the Foundation of community development Michael Koryak, which was presented by the assistant to the then Deputy Prime Minister Vladislav Surkov and the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin. If this money was furnished to the Deputy Slipenchuk, the newspaper said.

However, the funds were stolen from the savings Bank. From the case that they were abducted by a Pavel Makarov, who notarized the power of attorney from the Deputy on the right of access to the cells.

The Deputy Slipenchuk, as they say in business, I knew Makarov and gave him a power of attorney, but a notary has confirmed the authenticity of all submitted Makarov for authorisation documents.

He Slipenchuk learned about the ongoing verification of its revenues from the correspondent of “Kommersant”. “The preparation of the income statement deals with my accountant, and the result, most likely, interested in the ratio of income declared to understand whether I could borrow the same amount Tatyana Balm,” said he.

In addition, in the case referred to try shoot Balzarova in Kiev three months after the theft. It tried to make a former special forces of the GRU, Ivan Martynov, in his testimony declared that he acted by order of the criminal “authority” of the Sultan of Sigauri.

Slipenchuk was ranked second in revenue among the state Duma deputies in 2014. He indicated an income of 995 million rubles In comparison with 2013 earnings of a Deputy, as appears from its Declaration, has decreased almost two times — by the end of 2013 it earned 1.7 billion.