Sergei Lavrov on relations with the East and West, attempts at isolation of Russia and the threat of terrorism

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov in interview to the Italian magazine Limes spoke about the prospects of Russia’s relations with the US and the EU, the Russian-Chinese cooperation on an equal footing, obstacles to the settlement of the situation in Ukraine and in Syria.

About the relations with the West

We expect that U.S. approaches to relations with Russia will evolve in the direction of greater pragmatism and rationality. Historical experience shows that our countries are able to productively collaborate and achieve results when based on a balance of interests, and not guided by considerations of immediate political gain

  • Ongoing U.S. attempts to “isolate” Russia and turn it into “a regional power” are doomed to failure.
  • Before Russia and the United States is facing many common challenges, including countering international terrorism.
  • Russia has consistently proceeded from the assumption that progressive development of equal mutually beneficial relations with the European Union meets the interests of both parties.
  • The project “Northern stream-2” will allow to strengthen the energy security of Europe.

About the Ukrainian crisis

Our contacts with foreign partners confirm that even with all the divergent views about the state of Affairs in this country, we are United in believing that the crisis can be overcome only through peaceful means, through the unconditional implementation of the Minsk agreements. The key to success – the key issues in the framework of direct dialogue between Kiev and Donbass

  • The crisis in Ukraine was the product of problems accumulated in relations between East and West.
  • To resolve the situation requires political will, which lacks official Kyiv.
  • The development of the situation in the Donbas has shown what fate could wait the residents of the Crimea, if he did not return to Russia.

About relations with China

I am convinced that if relations between other countries resembled the Russian-Chinese, the whole world it would only benefit. In this case, would be formed a stable and fair polycentric system of global governance

  • The course is on the development of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the interests of the peoples of both countries, and to change it, Moscow and Beijing do not intend to.
  • Russia and China hold identical or close approaches to the key issues of our time.
  • Since 2010, China firmly holds the position as the top trade partner of Russia.

About the relations with Turkey, the Syrian crisis and the fight against terrorism

Must be clear – either we are against terror and together fight this evil, or for someone statements adopted in Vienna during the two meetings of the International support group Syria are optional declarations, a camouflage covering for selfish geopolitical objectives in Syria and the covert links with terrorists, including the supply of oil and stolen historical treasures

  • Moscow will not forget Turkey of aiding terrorists, but remains friendly Turkish people.
  • For Russia, the question of the fight against terrorism and the settlement in Syria, is principled.
  • Russia has repeatedly expressed concern about the increase of terrorist threats in Turkey and the lack of willingness of the Turkish authorities to cooperate in the fight against terrorism.
  • Moscow calls to talk about “legitimizing” of the IG, but the timing of the lesion groups.
  • International support group Syria to be one of the working body in a discussion club without a list of terrorists and a common platform for the Syrian opposition.