The people’s Bank of China poured this week into the financial system of the country more than $77 billion

BEIJING, February 5. /Corr. Oleg Trutnev/. The people’s Bank of China (the Central Bank) poured for the current week in the country’s economy 510 billion yuan via reverse repo operations (sale of securities with repurchase commitment at a fixed price). This was reported on the website of the regulator.

The largest infusion were noted for the last two days. On Thursday and Friday, the national Bank conducted operations for a period of 28 days with a yield of 2.6% and 14 days with a yield of 2.4% with a volume of 160 billion yuan ($24.4 billion) and 140 billion yuan ($21.3 billion), respectively.

Last week China’s Central Bank through these operations poured into the market about 690 billion yuan ($105 billion).

According to analysts, the regulator saturates the market liquidity in anticipation of holiday season on the occasion of the Chinese New year, which this year falls on February 8.