Tver Governor leaves his post

The Governor of the Tver region Andrey Shevelev soon leave his post, said two people close to the Kremlin, and said the interlocutor in the state Duma. He will be the second he was dismissed this year after the head of the region Vladimir Gruzdev, who headed earlier the Tula area.

Why is he out

A decision on Sheveleva will be made within one month before the expiry of his term of office, the source in the state Duma. “Rumors are rumors, there is nothing to comment,” said press Secretary of the Governor. The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov also declined to comment.

45-year-old Shevelev before the Governor held the post of Vice-Governor of the Ryazan region. He is the head of the Tver region from June 2011, and its powers expire in July.

He is expected to resign is not the first year, he occupies the lowest positions in the ratings of governors. In the final rating of the Pro-Kremlin development Fund civil society for 2015, he took last place (84th). Shevelev received low marks in last rating of political survival rate of governors, political scientists Yevgeny Minchenko, and Mikhail Vinogradov. The experts noted such weaknesses as low credibility among the population and elites, the lack of achievements.

Sheveleva criticized the activists of the Russian popular front (onf), accusing him of pressure and intimidation of activists. In the last edition of the program “Sunday time” (“First channel”) Sheveleva was devoted to the Central plot, which focuses on rent “Mercedes” the Governor of 20 million rubles.

Shevelev remains foreign to a significant part of regional elites, says political analyst Konstantin Kalachev. Before the new year happened communal disaster in the field: without heating there were many houses, and to the frozen people in authority, no one came, he recalls. Worn 80% of heating systems in the region, said the Deputy from the Tver region, Deputy Chairman of the parliamentary faction “Fair Russia” Alexey chepa.

What Sheveleva has not fired so far, is rather with those that were not strong enough politicians who would like to take his place, says close to the presidential administration the source . In addition, it has long been held due to the support of big business, now he lost it, says another source.

Shevelev plays hockey and has participated in matches with the President within the Night hockey League Vladimir Putin, was confirmed by the representative of the Governor (in this team play Boris Rotenberg, Gennady Timchenko and many close to President businessmen and officials).

Shevelev has the title of hero of Russia, so even if it does not appoint acting Governor after the expiration of powers, he will find a cushy, sure chepa. In addition, to admit publicly that the Hero of Russia fell short of expectations, it will be inconvenient, says Kalachev.

Someone to replace the hero

In General, a political decision needs to be replaced before the election, a weak Governor, so a successor will be found among the Tver officials and politicians or among the representatives of the region at the Federal level, says close to the presidential administration source .

The area has many military installations and military towns, so that the choice of the candidacy of the future head of the region will influence the Minister of defense Sergey Shoigu, says another interviewee .

The most discussed candidate on a post of the head of region has for many years been the leader of the Duma faction United Russia Vladimir Vasiliev. He at different times was offered the post of Governor, but for him this slide says a source close to the Kremlin and confirmed by the interlocutor in the state Duma. Vasiliev doesn’t want to “clean up these Augean stables,” adds a source in the state Duma.

Also in the presidential administration discussed the candidacy of the Ombudsman for human rights in the region of Tver Vladimir Babichev, Chairman of the legislative Assembly of Tver region Andrei Epishin, and also the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on Affairs of public organizations Mikhail Markelov, says the interlocutor in the state Duma. Babichev was formerly the head of Tver and now it supports Vasiliev, says a source close to the regional government. Epishin was in the top three candidates at the time of appointment Sheveleva in 2011.

A source close to the regional government, said that also considers the candidacy of the Deputy head of the Ministry of internal Affairs Igor Zubov (in 2003 he participated in the gubernatorial election and lost to Dmitry Zelenina). Teeth at the end of January came in the Tver region and participated in the enlarged meeting of UMVD of Russia across the Tver region. Another one of the discussed candidates — chief UFSB across the Smolensk region, the former Deputy head of the Tver Department of the FSB Oleg Konoplev.

Recently in the region is often visited by representatives of the Federal authorities positively assess the ongoing processes, draws the attention of the press Secretary Sheveleva. The last meeting, judging by the news on the website of the regional government, was held on 3 February, the Governor spoke with the senators from the region Vladimir Petrov and Viktor Abramov.

With the selection of the changer Sheveleva there is a problem, believes Kalachev. Social discontent in the Tver region growing and popular politicians, except Vasiliev, no says the analyst.