U.S. intelligence said about the weakening of the “Islamic state”

The number of militants grouping “Islamic state” (organization banned in Russia) in Iraq and Syria has dropped from 31 thousand to 25 thousand people. The data contained in the us intelligence report, which cited the official White house spokesman Josh Ernest, reports Reuters.

According to Ernest, intelligence data “indicate that [the Islamic state] continues to pose a threat, but the potential numbers [of insurgents] down.” In its report, the intelligence leads such data as the number of deserters and those killed in the fighting.

“ISIS suffers significant losses”, — said Ernest.

According to Ernest, the ground efforts of the U.S. partners in the antiterrorist coalition bring positive results in the fight against ISIL. U.S.-backed Iraqi security forces and moderate opposition groups in Syria have contributed to the fight against “Islamic state”, said the representative of the White house.

In addition, he said, international efforts, finally begin to stop the flow of foreigners seeking to join ISIS.

“ISIL is now harder than ever before to fill their ranks,” said Ernest.