United Russia has chosen the Communist party’s main opponent in the elections of the state Duma

On Friday and Saturday in Moscow will host the Congress of “United Russia”. The official purpose of the event is to give the start of the primaries, which will determine the candidates for deputies of the state Duma from the party in power. In addition, the United Russia will begin to discuss the Congress program, which will go to elections — General guidelines for the elaboration of a policy document may be given by the party leader, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, says the interlocutor in the party. Thus, the Congress party will officially begin preparations for the election campaign.

Against the Communists

To criticize United Russia during the campaign will be all political forces, but United Russia itself will focus on the major opponents in these elections — the Communists, say two people in the party. It is obvious that the Communists more than anyone can win due to the recession and populist rhetoric, so the focus makes sense on them, say interlocutors . In this case we are not talking about how to continually engage with them in debate — rather you will need to point out the problems of the Communists and to create an alternative agenda, says United Russia.

To speak about the Communists recently began President Vladimir Putin. In January, he twice criticized by Vladimir Lenin, which still never did. On 21 January at a meeting of the presidential Council on science and education, he said that such thoughts of the leader, as the “autonomy” [republics], “laid the atomic bomb” under the country. And on January 25 at the action forum of the popular front leader of the country once again echoed this sentiment and added that it was the position of Lenin on gastrointe, ineffective economic and social policies led to the collapse of the country. He also criticized the Communists for the execution of the Royal family and priests.

An agenda favorable to United Russia: the Communists, in response, begin to praise and protect their leaders, and thus alienated the protest voter, says a source close to the party leadership. According to him, the number of voters in big cities are willing to vote for the Communist party not for ideological reasons, but simply as the most powerful opposition party. “But as soon as the Communists begin to raise the banner of Lenin and Stalin — it repels them”, — said the source .

In addition to working with such agenda United Russia intend to track how their opponents in the regions, the Communist governors of Orel and Irkutsk regions (Potoski Vadim and Sergey Levchenko), as well as heads of the Duma committees of the Communist party. “While the Communists not come to power — they criticize us. But they themselves don’t see much success,” says the source.

The Communist party has not always been the main object of the regime’s attack, reminiscent of political scientist Alexei Makarkin. For example, in 1999, the “Unity” more struggled with the “Fatherland-All Russia”, but already in 2003 it was against the Communist party was the focus of the efforts of the authorities, said the experts. In the future government less wary of the Communist party, especially in 2014 left fully supported the actions of the leadership of the country and even participated in the General March on national unity day, says the expert.

But the latest survey by the Levada center (published February 4) showed that the level of depressive moods in Russia reached a maximum for all years of the study. Simultaneously, sociologists have registered a growth of sympathies of Russians to the Soviet system. And according to POF support for the Communist party growing in recent months (from 6% in summer to 9% now). With all the closed polls show that the rating of United Russia is on a downtrend lately, told earlier a source close to the Kremlin.

“Most likely, against this background, the government will say that takes all the good things of the Soviet system and the bad refuses. In addition, it will use spoilers, such as “Communists of Russia” and the Communist party,” says Makarkin. Thus, in his opinion, it is needless to attack the Communist party, the authorities will not, because they believe the party Gennady Zyuganov “predictable”.

“Responsible ideology”

United Russia during the campaign will be to say that she, unlike opponents-populists, responsible political force, and such the program, to tell two people in the party. According to them, the Congress would have created the Commission software — it can be headed by Dmitry Medvedev. The Chairman of the party for the first time will guide the Commission thus demonstrates the relationship between party promises and plans of the government, says United Russia. Within the Commission can be formed of a platform, there will prepare different sections of the program.

To make proposals to the program will be people from the field. The party will collect “orders” of voters, and will also hold thematic forums in different regions with the participation of primary branches. It was initially planned that the discussions will be about 10, but then their number was reduced to 6-7 to Prime time at all to participate, says United Russia. The final version of the programme and the pre-election list “United Russia” will put forward in June at the second stage of the Congress.

The current Congress party members will hold the rotation of the governing bodies — the higher and General councils. From the high Council will lead in including the retired heads of regions, for example former head of the Tula region Vladimir Gruzdev. Among the new members there will be many representatives of civil society, says United Russia. “We expect a significant update, it will show the course on strengthening cooperation with civil society” — summed up the interlocutor .