United Russia on the first stage of pre-election Congress will discuss preparations for the primaries

United Russia on the first stage of pre-election Congress will discuss preparations for the primaries

MOSCOW, 5 February. The first stage of the pre-election Congress of “United Russia” will begin on Friday in Moscow. At a two-day forum, which will take place on the territory VDNH, the representatives of the major political party will discuss preparations for the primaries – a preliminary vote on the selection of candidates for elections and the main points of the program with which United Russia will go to elections in the state Duma in September of this year.

Congress before Congress

Despite the fact that the formal election campaign starts only in the summer (as explained earlier, the Chairman of the CEC Leonid Ivlev, the relevant presidential decree to be released in accordance with the legislation in the period from 30 may to 19 June) and only after the official elections of the party on the congresses will be required to approve the election program and the list of candidates of the largest political forces in advance will organize a preliminary review of ideas and personnel that will participate in the elections.

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To hold the conference in two stages suggested “United Russia” in July of last year, the party leader, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. “The first stage will be held in early February, it will be approved the model of primary elections for the selection of candidates in deputies of the state Duma, and also will start the formation of the election program of “United Russia”, – told after the meeting with Medvedev the party Secretary of the General Council of United Russia, Deputy speaker of the state Duma Sergey Neverov. “During the second phase of the Congress will be formed and approved the list of candidates in deputies of the state Duma from “United Russia” – the winners of the preliminary vote, and approved the election program of the party,” he clarified.

It is known that, in addition to United Russia, events in the format of congresses will hold on the eve of the official beginning of the campaign and other parties. For example, is scheduled for April Congress “Fair Russia” on which she intends “to formulate complex problems” facing the party in view of elections to the state Duma and matching them with the elections in several regions of the Russian Federation. Some large party activities planned until the summer of the Communist party. And Apple, which recently changed direction at the end of February, the Congress, the Central point which will be the discussion of the party programme.

Thus, the Congress of “United Russia” gives the start to stage a large-scale party events in the eve of the election campaign will hold its future participants.

Approval of primaries

According to Sergey Neverov, on Friday in the framework of the Congress will be working “several discussion forums on the most pressing issues that concern each inhabitant of the country: healthcare, social policy, economy, education, agriculture and industry”. “We were invited to participate in the work of sector Ministers and renowned experts,” he informed.

Another site, which will involve the secretaries of regional branches and heads of Executive committees of the party, will be devoted to the summing up of joint work on the draft provision on the primary election, said Neverov. “It was a really great job. Document without exaggeration can be called unique: no one in Russia has never conducted a preliminary vote in this most open format”, – said the Secretary of the General Council.

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Participation in the primaries of “United Russia” will be possible in order of nomination

The key issue of the second day of the party forum will be the approval of the regulations on the procedure for conducting the primaries in the discussion which, as expected, will be attended by Dmitry Medvedev.

To Congress a draft of the regulations was a long process of discussion and agreement with regional and local branches of parties, which the original option was amended a number of times. “I discussed (the project) in different areas – with heads of Executive committees, deputies of the state Duma, the leaders of factions in the legislative Assembly”, – said earlier Neverov, who heads a working group on preparation of the project.

It is assumed that the primaries will be held across the country on may 22, it will be opened 20 thousand polling stations, their addresses will be promulgated until mid-March. To Finance the lease of land will be the party of the Federal portion of its budget, on Federal leadership takes the remuneration of members of the commissions who will work on your day off (22nd may falls on a Sunday).

The primaries will be secret and rating. This means that each voter can vote for one candidate, but for multiple in each list. The party leadership hopes that this will help to identify opinion leaders for participation in later elections.

On the proposal of the regional offices in the draft regulation will be recommended to include only one form for the nomination of candidates for the primaries, the nomination, although initially it was assumed that participants can nominate a public organization. “It creates equal conditions: the man himself advances, and then looks for support in a particular public organization”, – explained the Secretary of the General Council “United Russia”.

According to the draft, citizens who wish to participate in the primaries, will be required to meet certain requirements. In particular, they must be clean before the law (they should not even be extinguished criminal records), not to have foreign citizenship or residence permit abroad, and assets abroad.

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In addition, when participating in primaries for elections to the state Duma the candidate must assume the obligation – in the case of a review following a preliminary vote of their candidacy for inclusion in the list of party – “to give his consent to the nomination … and not to give such consent, other political parties and to stand as a candidate in order of nomination”.

Directly on the eve of the primaries in March-April and candidates will meet with voters and other campaign events and participation in them is mandatory. For non-participation in the debates Challenger “will be removed from the list” for the primaries, underlined Neverov.

The primaries will be mandatory for candidates for election from the “United Russia”. The party leadership has repeatedly stressed that this procedure is designed to make the campaign competitive, open and legitimate.

“There are no lists of candidates on elections in the state Duma, the lists we generate may 22. Everyone has a chance and have the opportunity (be a candidate),” said Neverov in November last year, speaking at the forum of secretaries of local branches of the party.

“No Treaty lists with “their people” will not. If you want your candidate became a candidate, and this is completely normal, help him with agitation, with the organization of meetings with voters, debates. Another way to go to the polls under the brand of “United Russia” simply does not exist”, – appealed to the participants of the forum, Medvedev.

The party discussed the mechanism of the primaries for some candidates. So, for example, discussion revolved around the issue of participation in the preliminary vote by the governors.

However, it is clear that in these elections, United Russia will not use the tactics of “steam locomotives”, but because only a few regional lists will be headed by heads of subjects of the Russian Federation. According to a member of the Presidium of the General Council “United Russia Viktor Kidyaev, in the upcoming elections to the state Duma, the party will put at the head of the regional lists 5 governors.

The Project “The Candidate”

To prepare for the primaries of their potential participants of the “United Russia” in the beginning of December launched a project “PhD” at the moment on the portal registered more than 12 thousand users. On the website of the project hosted a series of materials for distance learning courses of lectures, teaching AIDS. After Congress, in late February, for all those who will confirm their intention to participate in the primaries, in Moscow at the forum “the Candidate” will be organized on-site training.

As explained earlier, the head of the Central coordination Council of supporters “an United Russia” Olga batalina, “the forum will host a series of lectures, discussions on key socio-economic issues, on how the party shapes its agenda, budget, financial Affairs, pension, educational, cultural, agricultural policy and many others, workshops on public rhetoric, educational activities that will enable (applicants) to prepare for the debates, the meetings with the population,” she said.

In addition, according to Batalina, the forum will be held “model debate”. The speech, she said, is about “debate”, which the party intends to organize in the future during the preliminary vote.

“Cross-linking” campaigns

Elections of the state Duma of the seventh convocation will be held on 18 September, for the first time in many years they will be conducted under a mixed system: half of deputies – 225 – will be elected on party lists and half in single-mandate constituencies. Along with the Federal will hold regional and municipal elections, owing to the combination of these campaigns, the September election will be the most ambitious in recent years.

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In 38 subjects of the Russians will vote not only for deputies of the state Duma, but also MPs of the regional legislative assemblies. In six regions – Karachaevo-Circassia, Komi, the Chechen Republic, Tver, Tula, Ulyanovsk regions will pass elections of heads of regions. In addition, numerous planned municipal campaign.

“United Russia” intends to conduct primaries in preparation for the elections at all levels. “Cross-linking of different levels of campaigns should be conducted at the stage of preliminary voting”, – underlined Neverov at the November forum. However, he clarified that it is including of a “semantic merge”.

Other issues of the Congress

In addition to primaries, the Congress will discuss the rotation of Higher and General party councils.

“The principles of rotation are well known – the idea is to update the guidance of the Central bodies of the party,” said a source in the party, explaining that the rotation is “an important criterion of effective work” of the party. “It is important to attract new people with new ideas. It is important to avoid any congestion,” said he.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, is also an important representation of the regions, territories of the country.