Yacht and six automobiles company Kekhman was put up for auction

The bankruptcy Trustee of the group JFC Vladimir Kekhman decided to sell the property of the company, “Vedomosti”. The message on the auctions is published on the website of Unified Federal register of bankruptcy information. The sale of the property approved lenders January 27, 2016. Bidding is scheduled for March 18 at the eagle.

Put up for auction 25 lots of 856 mln rubles 22 lot — it assets with a total initial value of 364 million rubles Another three lots — accounts receivable at 492 million rubles Among for sale of property is a yacht Bonanza! the value of 66,7 million rbl. Together with the yacht is sold all her domestic environment, including chairs, bed, pillows, kitchen utensils and even house Slippers. Also in the list of auctioned property six cars, including two Mercedes (G500 4Matic and S500), and red Rolls-Royce Phantom $ 8.3 mln, and advertising balloon Bonanza.

According to the bankruptcy Trustee Igor Maslov, who refer to “Vedomosti”, the property of JFC safely. For example, the boat is kept in dry dock in almost perfect condition, passed through the representative of Maslov.

For sale also exhibited warehouse equipment, containers, the lease of three parcels with warehouses and fruit storage facilities in the Moscow region (54,3 mln.), Novosibirsk (82,8 million rubles) and Chelyabinsk (68,8 million rubles).

According to Maslow, the most problematic asset of the company — terminal in Podolsk, where the equipment is installed in about 100 million rubles. lease Agreement expired several months before recognition of the debtor bankrupt, the landlord is requested to extend the contract or to dismantle the equipment but received no response, says the bankruptcy Trustee. The owner of the premises had dismantled the equipment, causing losses to the group, currently estimated losses, said Maslov.

Contacted yesterday by Vladimir Kekhman “Vedomosti” failed, his representative in Novosibirsk and Mikhailovsky theatres, where he is the head, from the comments to the edition refused.

In September 2015, the Arbitration court of St. Petersburg declared JFC — at the time the company is the largest importer of bananas — bankrupt claims of the savings Bank (the debt amounted to $ 6,06 billion rubles) and Bank of Moscow (4,49 billion rubles). 17 December 2015, the court upheld the bankruptcy itself Kekhman filed by the savings Bank, and has imposed on the founder of group JFC the procedure of debt restructuring for a period of six months.

On 3 February it became known that a bankruptcy petition Kekhman filed three creditor: LLC “Pulkovo trading company”, the debt of JFC which is 1 billion rubles, and JSC “ROSBANK” (231,6 million roubles) and open company “aquamarine” (1.44 billion rubles). Meeting for their review scheduled for March.

As it was previously reported Vedomosti, Vladimir Kekhman, who works as a Director of the Novosibirsk Opera and ballet theatre and artistic Director of the Mikhailovsky theatre, 50% of his salary pays the creditors.