Zakharova: the aim of the VKS the Russian Federation in Syria has been and remains the struggle against terrorist groups

Zakharova: the aim of the VKS the Russian Federation in Syria has been and remains the struggle against terrorist groups

MOSCOW, 4 February. The strikes of Russian aviation successfully contribute to the fight against terrorists in Syria, their goal is just that. This was stated by the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“The purpose of the action of the Russian space forces in Syria has been and remains the struggle against terrorist groups and facilitating their defeat in the Syrian land,’ she said. – How to show summary of hostilities, strikes of Russian aviation effectively contribute to the solution of this problem”.

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As the aircraft of the Russian Federation helps to fight with terrorists in Syria

According to Zakharova, Russia has never put an equal sign between the Syrian opposition and terrorists and does not consider it possible to reach a political settlement through military means. She commented on the statement by U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry that Moscow and Damascus allegedly sought military rather than political solution to the conflict.

“Our ultimate, most important goal is a political settlement in Syria, she said. – To achieve a political settlement through military means is impossible. These things contradict each other”.

With regard to the fight against terrorism, she continued, the Russian side has always been distinguished from armed opposition terrorists. “We never confused one with the other, – the diplomat said. We have always said that even the opposition, which took up arms in Syria, they came to the conclusion that political methods have been used, although it is, of course, regrettable, but this opposition is not considered by us as the terrorists that she was dogovorosposobnost and that it is necessary to conduct a political dialogue.

“Our goal in Syria is clear and has never changed, – said Zakharov. – The fight against terrorism is a common threat, it is not a question only of Syria, this question including our security, regional and global security.”

The official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry stressed that Russia has over the years consistently advocated a political settlement of the Syrian conflict by peaceful means. “I want to remind my American colleagues that the United States were on the verge of beginning to bomb Syria, she added. The only opportunity to push another disaster for the Iraqi or the Libyan example was the Russian initiative on chemical demilitarization”.

On the negotiations in Geneva

The reason for the termination of participation in the negotiations in Geneva supported by Riyadh of the Higher Committee on negotiations (WCP) lies in the fact that the Syrian army has achieved over the last days a great success, said Zakharova.

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“It appears that the reason for such a dramatic move on the part of the so-called Riyadh group lies in the fact that the Syrian government army in recent days has achieved significant success in the North of Aleppo province, she said. – As a result of successful operations of the Syrian army and local militias were cut off the supply lines of militants between Northern Aleppo province and controls the province of Idlib. This was a serious blow to the terrorists and those people who are their accomplices and patrons. The fact is that confirming in words their rejection of the “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in the Russian Federation a terrorist organization) militant groups, including the “EN-dzhebhat Nusra” and “Ahrar al-sham”, has entered into an agreement with the fighters (militants) on mutual supplies in Idlib – fuel and ammunition, from Idlib – agricultural products”.

On humanitarian assistance

You should not use humanitarian aid Syria as a tool to strengthen their positions among parties, said Zakharova.

“Russia has done a lot in humanitarian aid to Syria, she said. – We assist and directly, including through the Syrian red Crescent Society, as well as through humanitarian organizations of the UN system”.

According to her, “the Russian Federation monitors the distribution of humanitarian aid, directing it mainly in presentation, to eliminate the possibility of any abuse”. “Oppose the politicization of humanitarian issues, stressed the diplomat. – It is unacceptable that humanitarian aid would be used as a tool to strengthen the position of certain parties in the internal conflict of Syria.”

“An unacceptable situation that would allow terrorists to take advantage of the help allocated in their order,” – concluded Zakharov.

January 15 for residents of areas blocked by the Syrian was sent to more than 50 tons of humanitarian cargo from Russia and Syria, mostly dry rations and medicines.