Media: Saudi investors intend to invest more than $10 billion in Ukrainian agriculture

KUWAIT city, February 5. Saudi investors intend to invest 39,37 billion Saudi riyals (about $10.5 billion at current exchange rates) in the development of agriculture in Ukraine.

This was reported by the Saudi newspaper “al-Watan”.

According to available information, last week the Ambassador of Ukraine in Riyadh, Vadym Vakhrushev has held talks with Saudi entrepreneurs 25. As the newspaper notes, were discussed joint projects in the field of agriculture, industry, tourism and real estate. The Saudis are reported to have advocated an increase in the volume of investments into economy of Ukraine.

According to one of the meeting participants, the head of investment company “Istinja” Ahmed al-Baijan, “February meeting contributes to the strengthening of trust between countries and opens opportunities for interaction”. “In the near future is expected to visit Saudi businessmen to Ukraine and several delegations from Kiev to Riyadh” – leads the publication the words of al-Baijan.

Previously, the government of the Kingdom announced the initiative to end the cultivation of grain in its territory and the reorientation of investments abroad, which will come into effect in three years, writes, “al-Watan”.