Medvedev: “greenhouse candidates” “ER”; it is the citizens of “make policies”

Medvedev: “greenhouse candidates” “ER”; it is the citizens of “make policies”

MOSCOW, 6 February. Citizens must understand that they are “doing politics” really choose their candidates and not those who impose them. This was stated by Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, the Chairman of United Russia Dmitry Medvedev at a Congress of the party.

“Greenhouse candidates we don’t need. Only those who would receive real support from people who will participate in elections of deputies of the State Duma. Another way to get to the list of “United Russia” – just not” – said Medvedev. He noted that “exceptions should not be for even loved ones. Family dynasty is good, when it comes to business or creative professions”.

“The credibility of the party is unacceptable to use it – for personal gain. It is wrong to use a party resource, it needs to be in the interest of all the people. This is the position of the President. And my, how the Chairman of the Party. You have to be always taken into consideration”, – said the Chairman of the party.

According to him, the results of the preliminary vote would prejudge the outcome of the entire campaign. “Therefore it should be approached with maximum responsibility,” – said Medvedev. At the Federal level, the preparation going in the second half of 2015, he urged the regional office to be included in this preparatory work.

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