Medvedev has suggested officials to “forget about the new offices”

The leader of the party “United Russia” Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the budget now has no money to build new buildings for government agencies and that while I should avoid.

“There is one item of government expenditure, which now we can’t afford, anyway it is redundant. Referring to the construction of new buildings for public authorities. I want to appeal to all civil servants, all leaders — let’s forget the new offices. This, of course, such an interesting topic, but ultimately spending far not always effective. So at the moment it should to refuse” — said the Prime Minister in his speech at the opening ceremony.

Earlier on 2 February, first Vice-Premier Igor Shuvalov, speaking at the Collegium of the Ministry also called for an end to the construction of new offices for authorities. According to him, if necessary, you can use long-term lease of buildings. “It’s one thing when we invest, for example, in the development of health infrastructure and education. And offices for the authorities to build at all must be banned” — then said Deputy Prime Minister.

Shuvalov called capital investments “the easiest way to steal”. “Everyone knows that the easiest way to steal capital investment. To do it on a minimum, maximum, where possible, exclude”, — said Shuvalov.