Medvedev offered for three years to save a single tax on imputed income

Medvedev offered for three years to save a single tax on imputed income

MOSCOW, 6 February. Prime Minister of Russia, Chairman of United Russia Dmitry Medvedev will Express the need to preserve for three years the single tax on imputed income. “The business expects us to certain tax decisions. In this connection, I propose to keep a Single tax on imputed income. And extend it for three years,” he said at the party Congress.

Business support

The Chairman of “United Russia” said that the party during the election campaign will propose several tax measures for business that will help him. At the Congress of “United Russia” the Prime Minister recalled the set of measures to support and protect business, proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in the message to the Federal Assembly. “Our common goal at all levels to accelerate their implementation. And the strategic objective – go to reduce the tax burden,” – said Medvedev. According to him, during “work on the pre-election program, we (the party) will be able to offer a number of other tax measures for business.”

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Medvedev proposed creating a “United Russia” platform for support of entrepreneurs

The Prime Minister believes that “the best recipe in the current environment, when economic activity is largely frozen, – to give freedom to entrepreneurs and lower taxes.” “It is clear that in the tax sphere it is necessary to act very carefully. Not to endanger the balanced budget and take into account the real economic situation”, – said Medvedev. According to him, “make life easier for honest businesses and the introduction of a unified mechanism for the administration of tax, customs and other fiscal payments, which will simplify the collection of payments to the budget, which are now “smeared” across multiple agencies.”

“All initiatives and decisions in the economic sphere, we will continue to discuss with the business community. To work with entrepreneurs as partners. Work together to find new opportunities for economic growth,” Putin said.

Simplification of tax rules for self-employed

Dmitry Medvedev spoke in favor of simplifying the tax rules for nannies and Tutors. “The simplification of rules for self-employed people – teachers, nurses, nannies, master of household services – in short, millions of our citizens,” he called the authorities at the party Congress.

“I often hear such sentences: let them register as individual entrepreneurs or acquire a patent after paying the state some money, which, as a rule, is determined by the appetites of departments”, – said the Prime Minister. He offered another solution: “Let self-employed people to notify the IRS about his work. And since the filing of this notice will be exempt from paying taxes for 2-3 years”.

Medvedev explained that “at the end of this period, one must decide which tax system he is comfortable to work”. According to the Chairman of the government, “it may be a patent, “simplified taxation”. “The notice will give the self-employed confidence that they will not be prosecuted for tax evasion, illegal business activity. And the state will be able to protect self-employed people from extortion and bribes,” says Medvedev. He is confident that “thanks to this policy, we will be able to create an atmosphere of trust between taxpayers and the state.” “And trust is the most important thing,” he said.

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