Profile Committee of the Duma will not support a ban on collection agencies

Profile Committee of the Duma will not support a ban on collection agencies

MOSCOW, 5 February. The State Duma Committee on financial markets will not support the bills that seek to ban the activities of collection agencies in Russia, said the head of the Committee Nikolay Gonchar.

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A number of Russian politicians called for a ban on the activities of collection agencies after the incident in the Ulyanovsk region, where representatives of creditors set fire to the apartment of the debtor. Potter stated that his Committee considered several bills banning the activities of collectors.

“We do not support the proposals for an absolute and unconditional prohibition of the right of the one who gave the loan, to demand his return,” said Potter during the Congress of the party “United Russia”.

However, the head of the Committee drew attention to the “unrestrained and irresponsible advertising of banks and microfinance organizations” of “people going crazy”. According to him, the average interest rate in microfinance institutions account for nearly 60% of the loan to 30 thousand rubles.

Currently in Russia there is no law regulating the activities of collection agencies.

The bill

The work on the draft law on collection activity is conducted for more than five years. The document designer is the Ministry of economic development.

Currently, the Ministry is finalizing the bill collectors, and negotiates the position with interested parties.

Today this business has actually turned into a criminal. Increasingly we hear about the absolutely egregious cases knocking out debt. Given that the amount of overdue debt on loans grows, the tangle of problems in this area will grow, as a snowball

Valentina Matvienko
the Chairman of the Federation Council

Also in the state Duma on consideration there are several documents on the subject. The authors of one of them – deputies of the LDPR faction headed by its leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky – propose to prohibit collection activity and to impose millions in fines for the assignment of debts. Yesterday deputies of legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg introduced a bill, according to which the claims of the creditor to the borrower on the repayment of indebtedness incurred under the agreement of a consumer loan (loan) should only be considered in court.

Chapter Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov declared that in the near future the Parliament of the Crimea will send to the state Duma the legislative initiative about a ban of activity on territories of the Russian Federation collection agencies.

Previously the idea of banning the activities of collectors in the Russian Federation was expressed by the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko. A speech about a ban of collectors was also at the meeting the party leader “Fair Russia” Sergey Mironov at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Violations of the rights of debtors collectors

Russian Prosecutor General’s office also considers it necessary to adopt a special law on collection activity on the background of growth of the number of violations by collectors of the rights of debtors.

As reported by the official representative of the Supervisory authority Marina Gridneva, “resurgence of criminal activity collectors indicate the need for a special law, accurately regulating their legal status”.

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She recalled that the state Duma “repeatedly raised the question of their legal regulation, but Federal law still not passed, what informed the President of the Russian Federation”.

Marina Gridneva told TASS that Russian Prosecutor General Yury Chaika took personal control over the situation related to the activities of collectors.

According to her, on behalf of the attorney General organized the inspection on the fact of arson of the collector in Ulyanovsk, which has suffered two years old boy. “The audit will assess the actions of law enforcement bodies have repeatedly called the victims”, – said the representative of the Prosecutor General.

“The need to accelerate the adoption of the Federal law regulating collection agencies, the Prosecutor General’s office informed the President of the Russian Federation. The results of the audits were discussed at the December 2015 meeting of Board of Prosecutor General’s office, which has adopted a set of measures to combat the illegal activities of the collectors. All the facts of violence and arbitrariness on the part of collectors will be strictly suppressed by the prosecution,” – said Gridneva.