Putin considers proper conduct of primary elections in the “United Russia”

Putin considers proper conduct of primary elections in the “United Russia”

MOSCOW, 6 February. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin supported the idea of early voting in “an United Russia”. He said this in greeting the delegates and guests of the Congress Party, read out by the Chairman of “United Russia” Dmitry Medvedev.

“I think it’s right that candidates from “United Russia” on forthcoming elections will be determined through fair and competitors fight in the preliminary voting,” – said in greeting.

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Putin also considers it important that “the party increasingly relies on civil society and its governing bodies come the leaders of public opinion, which proved the viability of the real thing.”

Overall, according to the President, United Russia “in the intervening years has won a solid reputation, has accumulated considerable experience of legislative activity”. United Russia continues to exercise responsibility, working for the consolidation of all constructive forces, political support serves as a reliable support in ensuring Russia’s national interests in addressing the key problems of our country”, – said Putin.

The President also noted that the party “in a difficult situation offers a positive agenda, initiatives aimed at strengthening the economy, the social sphere, the rise of the Russian regions, responds promptly to problems faced by the people.” “United Russia” is in constant dialogue with citizens, public organizations, sets the standards of openness and inner-party democracy, demonstrates the capacity of renewal”, – he stressed.