Putin invited Lukashenko to discuss integration issues in an informal setting

SOCHI, 5 February. The issues of relations between Russia and Belarus, as well as integration of regional issues and agreed to discuss the two countries ‘ presidents Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko.

Opening the conversation, Putin thanked Lukashenko for the visit to Sochi. “We will rest together one day and talk, of course, on current Affairs: bilateral, regional, in our joint efforts to strengthen the integration processes,” he suggested. “We have something to talk about,” – said the head of the Russian state.

Lukashenko, in turn, thanked Putin for the invitation to visit Sochi. He recalled that already had the opportunity recently to meet with head of RF government Dmitry Medvedev and useful advice.

“With the Prime Minister of Russia we discussed the future of the Supreme state Council is conducting, the agenda, and the Council of Ministers, which will be held in Mogilev”, – said the President of Belarus. “Many of the issues we have agreed and we have a number of turns to the Supreme state Council, in February we will host, so these were very useful meetings,” he said.

Lukashenka also agreed with the proposal and to discuss other relevant issues. “The challenges we have around the same, You said, and what is going on ,so (for a discussion of issues and joint activities – approx.) compatible with pleasure”, – he said.