The auditors summarized the results of the validation of the new year corporate party in “Rosnano”

New year party “RUSNANO”, the scandal which occurred at the end of December 2015, paid representatives of the company’s management. To such conclusion came the members of the audit Committee under the Board of Directors of the Corporation, said in a statement.

The Committee considered “the factual circumstances of the accounting and cost recovery” and found “that the management of “RUSNANO” fully compensated for the total cost of services budget for organization and holding of corporate new year, which is reflected in the accounting records”, the report said.

Verification of expenses for corporate, which was held on December 21, was held on behalf of Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, who heads the Board of Directors of “RUSNANO”. After the inspection, the Committee noted that “welcomes the established practice of financing activities new year’s eve gala by management and not the funds of the company”. The results have been reported to the Board of Directors of the Corporation.

The scandal over corporate “Rosnano” has arisen after on the Internet appeared video address of the head of the company Anatoly Chubais at the time of the event. He announced to employees that the Corporation has “lots of money”, and also announced that the Board of Directors “approved the possibility of us obtained in excess of plan premiums by the end of 2015 to direct its considerable part for the payment of premiums from the salary savings, which means that we have a second prize in addition to first.”

Video has interested representatives of the Public chamber and deputies of the state Duma. They promised that they would ask for an explanation to the leadership of RUSNANO, and will ask the chamber of Accounts to conduct an audit.

23 December Chubais in his Twitter released a statement stating that all expenses holiday paid for out of funds of the members of the Board.

In addition, RUSNANO disclosed the cost of the corporate. The Corporation reported that the total cost of the event, which was attended by 415 people, amounted to 2,24 million rbl., from which it follows that the budget for the Banquet of the Corporation amounted to just over 5 thousand rubles per person.

The company also explained the words of Chubais “we have a lot of money.” The Corporation stated that the head of “RUSNANO” was referring to the financial results of the management company.

Saying Chubais drew the attention of the government. In particular, Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets has offered to “Rosnano” to give the money to the needy. Her colleague Yuri Trutnev, in turn, offered RUSNANO to invest in the far East.