The European Commission does not impose “special requirements” for “Nord stream-2”

BRUSSELS, 5 February. /Corr. Denis Dubrovin/. The European Commission (EC) does not impose “special requirements” for the project “Nord stream-2”. This was announced Friday in a press-service of the European Commission.

“This project not put forward specific requirements. It needs to comply with the EU regulations as any other major infrastructure project,” said the EC.

The European Commission is not ready to answer, how long will it take evaluation of the project of an underwater pipeline that will link Russia and Germany under the Baltic sea. “As reported earlier, the European Commission in January began work on assessment of conformity of the project “Northern stream-2″ with the EU legislation. We cannot yet say how long it will take,” said the EC.

Previously, some East European countries the EU and Ukraine appealed to the European Commission urging them to block the “Nord stream-2,” since its introduction into operation will remove Russia’s dependence on Ukrainian gas transit, and this will mean loss of gas transit revenue and the neighboring Eastern European countries of the EU. On this basis, they called the project “politically motivated”, while in reality it greatly reduce the geopolitical risks of Russian gas transit to Europe.

The European Commission is not yet enough information to evaluate the project, so it is unknown how long it will take expertise. This was stated by the European Commissioner for climate changes and energy Miguel arias CaƱete speaking at the third energokontrole the EU – Norway in Brussels.

“We are assessing this marine project, but now we still do not have full information. We’re in the initial stages of the process,” he said.