The head of “Aeroflot”: the privatization of the company will not give a lot of money in the budget

MOSCOW, 6 February. The privatization of the largest Russian airlines “Aeroflot” now will not give a lot of money in the budget, but deprived of control of the company. This was stated to journalists the General Director of a carrier Vitaly Savelyev.

“Any privatization is done in two cases: when it is necessary to structure the company, not satisfied with the service – we have this all well. The second one (need) a lot of money in the Treasury. In the crisis of big money yet,” he said.

Savelyev noted that even in 2014 Aeroflot was worth $3 billion, now it is $730-$740 million

“So much money not received – loss control over the company,” he said.

The CEO of Aeroflot said that in any case, the issue of privatisation of the carrier to decide the government of the Russian Federation.

He also noted that the management of “Aeroflot” there are no funds to participate in privatization of the company.