The leader of “United Russia” has suggested to release from taxes of nannies and Tutors

Speaking at the XV Congress of “United Russia” party leader Dmitry Medvedev has proposed a new mechanism of taxation for self-employed people — they need to register with the tax office and obtain a temporary exemption.

“It Tutors, nurses, nannies, wizard domestic services. In short, millions of our citizens,” Medvedev said about self-employed citizens.

“I often hear such sentences: let them register as individual entrepreneurs or get a patent, paying to the state a certain amount, which usually is determined by the appetites of agencies. Offer another solution — let self-employed people to notify the IRS about his work. And since the filing of this notice will be exempt from paying taxes for 2-3 years. At the end of this period, one must decide which tax system he is comfortable to work. This may be a patent, “simplified taxation”, — said the Prime Minister, speaking at the Congress of “United Russia”.

“The notice will give the self-employed confidence that they will not be prosecuted for tax evasion, illegal business activity, and the state, by the way, can protect self-employed people from extortion and bribes, which many in this case will be charged. I think that thanks to this policy, we will be able to create an atmosphere of trust between the taxpayer and the state,” he said.