The Ministry of agriculture proposes to recover 35% of the costs for the purchase of new farm machinery

The Ministry of agriculture proposes to recover 35% of the costs for the purchase of new farm machinery

MOSCOW. On 5 February. The Ministry of agriculture proposes to recover 35% of expenses of agricultural producers for the purchase of new farm machinery and equipment. About it it is spoken in materials of the Ministry of agriculture, prepared for the 15th Congress of the party “United Russia”.

“The agriculture Ministry is considering use of the mechanism of granting subsidies to selskokhozyaystvenny on the reimbursement of expenses in the amount of 35% on the purchase of new agricultural machinery and (or) technological equipment”, – stated in the materials. This issue is under discussion with the concerned agencies.

As they say in materials of the Ministry, by the end of 2015 manufacturers of agricultural machinery were transferred to 5.2 billion rubles in subsidies. This is almost three times exceeded the volume of means of the Federal budget initially foreseen for this purpose . In the end, noted a fourfold increase in procurement technology in 2015 – was purchased 11 thousand units of agricultural machinery.

Nevertheless, nowadays manufacturers are poorly supplied with certain types of agricultural machinery and equipment, critical from the point of view of import substitution. In particular, we are talking about selhoztechnich, sugar beet harvesters (the share of imports which is 100%), equipment for horticulture and viticulture, milking machines.

As of January 1, 2015, in the agro-industrial complex of the country registered 424,7 thousand units of tractors (in 2013 – 435,8 thousand units), 128,5 thousand units of grain (in 2013 – 134,2 thousand units) and 17.7 thousand fodder harvesters (in 2013 – 19.2 thousand units). The share of main agricultural machinery in operation for over 10 years is tractor – 60,9%, combine harvesters – 47,04%.

To stop the process of elimination of the main types of agricultural machinery, need to purchase annually a minimum of 20 thousand units of equipment, according to the Ministry of agriculture.

The maximum size of grants

The agriculture Ministry proposes to increase the maximum size of grants for beginning farmers, distributing cattle (cattle) dairy 2-fold to 3 million rubles.

“For the efficiency of the state support of small and average forms of management, we believe that the need to increase funding to 40 billion (total funding consolidated grant support for beginning farmers, family farms and cooperatives – approx. ed according to the materials of the Ministry of agriculture), I think it’s the 2017-2018 year. And of course, increase the size of the grant (for beginning farmers, and distributing dairy cattle – approx. ed.) on average from 1.5 to 3 million rubles”, – he said.

The Ministry advocates the promotion of farmers integration in agricultural consumer cooperatives to improve the quality of agricultural production and to optimize its sales. For this purpose it is proposed to expand the state support to the cooperatives.

“Consumer cooperation in rural areas are able to quickly merge a large number of farms and private farms for the purpose of storage and processing of manufactured agricultural products. Consumer processing agricultural and consumer cooperatives have become the main suppliers of agricultural products produced by small businesses, in wholesale distribution centres and retail chains”, – is spoken in materials of the Ministry of agriculture to the Congress.

Meanwhile, it is necessary to facilitate the acquisition of farm loans up to 3 million rubles, reducing the requirements for them. For example, to reduce terms of consideration of credit applications of up to 10 days, giving farmers collateral-free and short (up to 3 months) additional credits.

The Ministry also wants to allow the farmers construct a house on agricultural land. However, it is necessary to establish measures to prevent uncontrolled development of land, according to the materials.

60 ORC by 2020

The agriculture Ministry also expects to create up to 60 of wholesale distribution centers (ORC) by 2020

“By 2020 we will create up to 60 such facilities that will cover the whole territory of the country. This will increase the capacity of simultaneous storage of agricultural products by more than 3 million tons, to ensure fair food prices, to increase the share of domestic goods in retail trade”, – stated in the materials.

In addition, the Ministry of agriculture supports the size limit of petrobonus paid to retail chains. Such measures are envisaged in the amendments to the law on trade.

It is also necessary to implement measures targeted food assistance to the most vulnerable categories of citizens, confidence in the Ministry.

Meanwhile, for quality control of food products and fight against counterfeit it is necessary to significantly increase the penalties for violation of requirements of technical regulations. When we repeated the violation is necessary to provide administrative suspension of activity of the companies-infringers for up to 90 days.

In addition, it is proposed to introduce the rules of destruction of seized and confiscated food products, according to the Ministry of agriculture.

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