The Russian foreign Ministry: Turkish authorities forced the refugees from Syria to return to war-torn areas

MOSCOW, 5 February. The Turkish authorities forced the refugees from Iraq and Syria to return to war-torn areas, some asylum seekers were beaten. This was stated by St Friday authorized the Russian foreign Ministry on issues of human rights, democracy and rule of law Konstantin Dolgov.

According to him, the report of Amnesty International “the Gatekeeper of Europe” of 16 December 2015 points to gross violations of international law by Turkey in the field of ensuring the rights of migrants.

“The Turkish authorities illegally arrested, detained and pressured, including physical, refugees and asylum seekers in order to force them to return to war-torn countries, in particular Syria and Iraq, – noted the diplomat. – Some are reportedly held for days in chains, beaten and forcibly taken back to the countries from which they fled”.

“Human rights activists documented hundreds of enforced returns to Syria and Iraq from Turkey in recent months, while expressing serious concerns that the real figures are likely much higher, he said. – In many cases of such illegal detention and repatriation could be carried out by the Turkish authorities is actually allocated by the European Union funding as part of the preparations for Turkey’s accession to the EU.”