The UN Secretary General said the number of sworn IG groups

As reported by ban Ki-moon, in his speech before the members of the UN security Council, as of mid-December, 34 groups of extremists has declared that swore allegiance to “Islamic state” (banned in Russia terrorist group). He indicated that this number may increase, calling ISIS an “unprecedented threat”, according to ABC. The UN Secretary General stressed that the problem is the terrorists ‘ ability to attract extremists in various countries from the Philippines and Uzbekistan to Iraq and Libya.

Ban Ki-moon stated that, according to experts, the Islamic state is the richest terrorist group in the world. According to him, the militants only profit from illegal mining and smuggling of oil in 2015 amounted to 400-500 million dollars.

Other sources of income for the militants, the UN Secretary General called the charges with businessmen and farmers trapped in their controlled territories of the IG.

He also stressed that the main threat from ISIS is that the organization quickly adapts to increase their income and losses.

Formed on the basis of the Iraqi branch of “al-Qaeda” grouping “Islamic state” controls several areas in Syria, Iraq and Libya, including the city of raqqa and Mosul. The militants also seized the oil fields in these countries.

The U.S. and Russia say about the air strikes on trucks that transport stolen oil terrorists abroad. With the right blaming the Turkish authorities in the purchase of raw materials from extremists, while the US was assured that the oil from the IG becomes the legitimate government of Syria.