The United States published evidence of torture in its military prisons

The decision to publish was considered secret photos was made head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter. 198 images removed people detained by the military in Iraq and Afghanistan. On their bodies there are many cuts and injuries that were received as a result of abuse by American prison staff, reports Reuters.

In the Ministry of defense acknowledged that the photos were part of an investigation against the military, worked in prisons in those countries where there was the American army. In the Pentagon assert that some of them were found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment.

The American Union for civil rights (ACLU) demanded to publish these pictures 10 years ago, however, all this time, the Department of defense opposed.

According to ACLU Deputy Director Jameel Jaffar, the pictures are the best evidence of the serious violations that occur in prisons, which are subordinate to the military. He stressed that human rights defenders are aware of how some 2,000 photos of prisoners who were subjected to humiliation. Jafar believes that the Pentagon is still trying to hide from the public the true extent of violations.

Reuters notes that the published photos are unlikely to make the same impression on the citizens as photos from the Baghdad prison “Abu Ghraib”, released in 2003. Then the pictures are evidence of the bullying of American soldiers over the detained citizens of Iraq. Then the scandal has resulted directly involved in the torture soldiers received prison terms, and the head of all corrections of the Pentagon in Iraq Janice Kaplinski was demoted.