US Secretary of state accused Russia of mass death of women and children in Syria

Speaking to reporters in Washington, Kerry said that Russia uses Syria unguided bombs that fall on civilians. “This must stop”, – quotes the Secretary of state broadcaster CNN.

According to Kerry, the attacks of the Russian air force in Syria “in a large number of killed women and children”.

U.S. Secretary of state also said that Russia, the Syrian army and armed supporters of President Bashar al-Assad violates the General resolution of the UN security Council No. 2254, providing for humanitarian access to all parts of Syria and a halt to the bombing of areas where civilians are.

U.S. Secretary of state also said that Russia “have constructive ideas about the truce in Syria. “But if it’s just talking for the sake of continuing the bombing, nobody will agree.”

Kerry’s statement comes amid recent successes of the government army, which, with the support of Russian aviation broke through the rebel forces North of Aleppo and created the preconditions for the environment one of the largest cities of Syria, the fighting which continued for several years.

Earlier, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov stressed that the operations of the Russian air force will continue to until will not be defeated by terrorists from the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization) and similar groups.

Russia has repeatedly denied accusations by the West in the bombing of civilian targets. The Ministry of defence repeatedly stated that the Russian space forces is applied only pinpoint strikes on targets of terrorists, without affecting civilians