Car sales in Russia were lower than the expectations of experts

January 2016 is marked by a new drop in sales of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (LCV), according to the Association of European businesses. In annual terms, sales fell by more than 33.5 thousand machines, or 29.1%, while in January 2015 the decline in sales was only 24.4 per cent. In January 2016, were sold in Russia 81849 new cars, which is only 8 thousand more than in January 2010.

“Not the best start of the year, which, as agreed by all experts, will again show the negative sales dynamics. However, the majority of annual forecasts, including our own, have better dynamics than the one we saw in January,” — commented on the result, the Chairman of the Committee automakers Association of European businesses (AEB) Joerg Schreiber.

According to him, January was never a “reliable indicator of the trend for the subsequent months of the year,” because the market remains to be hoped that it will be in 2016. However, the prospects for development in any case remain negative.

“The continuing rise in house prices fuelled by the very weak ruble will remain the main challenge on the long path of market recovery,” said Schreiber.

Earlier AEB predicted that in 2016 in Russia will be sold about of 1.53 million cars, up from 1.6 million units in 2015. Thus, the drop in sales may be of the order of 4%, while in 2015 it amounted to 35.7%. The last time fewer cars than planned in 2016, the Russian market was sold in the crisis year of 2009 (1,47 million).

The leader on the Russian market in January 2016, AVTOVAZ remained, however, sales of Lada cars, according to estimates of the AEB, fell at an annual rate of 11%. The Russians bought about 15.6 thousand cars Lada vs. 17.5 thousand in January of 2015.

On the second place is still the brand KIA: cars under him for a month in Russia sold a little more than 92 thousand (20% less than the year before). Completing the top three cars Hyundai with a result of 8 thousand (minus 37%).

The main outsiders of the month were brands such as Volvo (minus 94%), SsangYong (minus 79%), Datsun (minus 66%) and Chevrolet (down 61%). The decline in sales was noted and the other major car manufacturers: Renault — 43%, Nissan — on 51%, Skoda by 31%.

To increase the results could only Mercedes-Benz (+1%), Ford (plus 25%), Lifan (plus 63%), Lexus (plus 57%), Porsche (plus 60%) and Suzuki (plus 25%).

The status of the major bestseller of the Russian market in January 2016 maintained Lada Granta, sales of which in annual terms decreased by only 4,65%, to 7377 machines. Hyundai Solaris with the result 5626 machines remained in second place, third place was taken by Kia’s New Rio (3553 machine).