Churkin: UNSC resolution on the DPRK should not be any hint of possible military actions

Churkin: UNSC resolution on the DPRK should not be any hint of possible military actions

The UN, on 7 February. /Corr. Oleg Zelenin/. The resolution of the UN Security Council in response to the DPRK nuclear test and missile launch should not be any hint of possible military actions. This was stated by Russian journalists permanent representative of the Russian Federation at the world organization Vitaly Churkin. He agreed with the necessity of tightening sanctions against Pyongyang, but warned that they should not lead to humanitarian or economic collapse in the country.

“We believe that the resolution should be worthy of the Security Council, ought to be good, but its acceptance should not lead to a humanitarian collapse in North Korea, economic collapse in North Korea. Of course, should not talk to even a hint mentioned some military action in order to solve this problem”, – the diplomat said the outcome of the emergency meeting of the security Council.

The DPRK did not listen to Russia and China

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According to Churkin, Russia at the meeting called for “very careful approach to unilateral action.” He also drew attention that North Korea around the theme “there are far-reaching geo-strategic plans for increasing military presence of known States in North-East Asia”.

Vitaly Churkin expressed regret that the authorities in Pyongyang did not heed the advice of Russian and Chinese partners, and “go to such rash actions, which, in our opinion, harm the national interests of the Korean people’s Democratic Republic, and, of course, is not going to benefit the region and the world.” “So, unfortunately, we’ll have to have another sanctions resolution against the DPRK,” said the diplomat.

“Very serious sanctions”

Answering the question about how to tighten the sanctions regime against the DPRK, which has no equal, Churkin explained that the potential for strengthening the restrictive measures are still there. “There are still thinkers who can come up with some very serious sanctions, which, as I repeat, may have a very serious humanitarian and economic consequences in North Korea, lead to a complete international isolation of the DPRK. We believe that this is too”, – said the permanent representative of the Russian Federation.

He said that during the debate in the UN security Council, the U.S. side has announced its intention to achieve “more stringent resolution” than the one they offered after the nuclear tests conducted by the DPRK on 6 January. However, some members of the security Council, he said, were perplexed about the fact that the text of the document has not been submitted. “But, of course, we all understand that this is a very delicate matter, that consultations are ongoing between the major players and will take a very responsible political decision”, – he said. The diplomat expressed the opinion that “in the end, a balance will be found”, but the members of the security Council “there is still a lot of work”.

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