Currency borrowers blocked Neglinnaya street in Moscow

By estimations of the correspondent , Neglinnaya street in Moscow near the building of the Bank of Russia has cut about 300 people. Borrowers chanted: “Shame on the Central Bank”.

After the police detained several participants of the action, the traffic on Neglinnaya resumed.

As passed from the scene the correspondent of TV, currency borrowers demanded a meeting with representatives of the Central Bank, but nobody was out. To the building of the Central Bank was approached by the police, but the police did not impede the overlap of the Neglinnaya street.

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The share of foreign currency borrowers at the main building of the Central Bank continued a series of similar events in the Russian capital. On 5 February they gathered near the Bank “DeltaCredit” on Butyrsky to the Shaft. Then the borrowers were knocking on the glass doors of the Bank, demanding a meeting with the Bank management with an appeal: “[the Chairman of the Board “DeltaCredit” Michelle] Colbert, out!”. As a result, the borrowers managed to break through the fence and they broke into the territory of the business center “White square”, which is the office of “DeltaCredit”. There have been several fights with the guards.

A similar protest was held near the building of “DeltaCredit” on Butyrsky to the Shaft 27 January. Then the borrowers also demanded a meeting with his guidance. Before that, on 20 January, the borrowers came to the office of the Bank “DeltaCredit” on the street of moss, some of them handcuffed themselves to chairs in the operating room and to the front door.

As previously reported, last week, the bankers have received requests from the Central Bank with the requirement to report the number of foreign currency borrowers, the volume of the mortgage portfolio and delinquency. “The controller asked what the restructuring program we develop and that are willing to offer to borrowers,” said one of the financiers, to communicate with the controller.

A source close to the regulator, said that representatives of the Central Bank intend to meet with representatives of the banks, which have a lot of foreign currency mortgages, and the results of the discussion to voice their proposals to address the issue of currency borrowers. “We are studying the situation with currency mortgage and plan to discuss it with market participants”, — commented the press service of the Central Bank.