Erdogan called Putin “essentially… an occupier of Syria”

In an interview with the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet, excerpts of which leads the Agency Bloomberg, Erdogan commented on recent developments in Syria, where government forces, supported by Air and space forces of Russia has broken positions of the rebels by Aleppo. Turkish President appealed to Vladimir Putin: “What are you doing in Syria? You, in fact, are an occupier.”

Erdogan’s statement came after a week after the Turkish foreign Ministry has accused Russian military aircraft in violation of the Turkish border. The Turkish President then appealed to Vladimir Putin with a request to hold an urgent meeting. In response, press Secretary of the Russian President reported that no contact between the two presidents in the near future is not planned.

After the Turkish fighter jet in November of last year brought down a Russian su-24, in Moscow called the incident a “stab in the back”. Vladimir Putin said that he does not understand the reasons for the action by the Turkish military. “Only Allah knows why they did it”, he concluded. Also in Moscow stressed that Erdogan tried to contact Russian President only after seven-eight hours after the incident.

In an interview with Hurriyet, Erdogan also criticized the Americans for contact with the Syrian Kurds. The discontent of the President has caused the trip of the personal representative of Barack Obama’s Brett Makhorka in the city of Kobani, which control the armed groups of Kurds. “How can we trust you? — asked the head of Turkey to the Americans. — Who is your partner — I or these terrorists from Kobani?”

Asked by reporters about the possible actions of Turkey in that case, if the events will develop in unexpected scenario, Erdogan said that national security forces are “prepared for all possible scenarios”.

“We don’t want to do in Syria the same mistake as in Iraq,” erdoğan said, Recalling how the Turkish Parliament in 2003 rejected a U.S. request to use its territory to invade Iraq. “It is important to see the future. To some extent this [what is happening in Syria] must change,” he said.

Earlier official representative the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov said that the Russian military is suspected of Turkey in the preparation of a military invasion to the territory of Syria. “Signs of covert training of the Turkish armed forces to action in Syria, we are fixing more and more,” he said.

Last week the Syrian government army broke through the defensive line of the rebels North of Aleppo and cut the highway linking the second-biggest city of Syria to the Turkish border. According to Western media, the Syrian government troops have the opportunity to take Aleppo in the ring and fully to take the city, fighting for which has been underway for several years.