Kadyrov told about the existing in the rear of the ISIS Chechen spetsnaz

The TV channel “Russia 1” showed a fragment of the film about the preparation for the village Tsentaroi in Chechnya commandos that are now operating in Syria in the rear of the “Islamic state” (also known as ISIS — banned in Russia as a terrorist organization). Full version Alexander rogatkina will come out of the program “Special correspondent” on 10 February at 22:55 GMT.

“It’s time to talk about those who contribute to the success of the Russian air force on earth at the cost of his life,” reads the announcement of the film, which was released in the program “Vesti Nedeli”.

About training special forces soldiers in Chechnya in the film, says the head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. Says the voice-over, Kadyrov argues that at the very beginning of the civil war in Syria, even before the formation of the “Islamic state”, he received information about the establishment of a middle East special training camps for training militants professing Wahhabism, “the instructors there were from NATO countries.”

In the camps were “embedded intelligence agent from the Chechen Republic,” according to the film. “Still in Russia didn’t know. But I didn’t know that ISIS will be there to be called. I knew that preparing for such groups, because I deliberately sent their people to verify whether it is true. And our guys practice sessions were held at NATO bases and launched the Syrian state,” — said Kadyrov.

According to him, thus managed to create an extensive network of agents “in ISIS”. There were sent to the best fighters of the Republic that collect information about the structure, the number of terrorists, identify targets for bombing and capture their results, the authors of the film.

It notes that no specific names will not be — all classified as “99% of the information about the Syrian operation” of Russia. Kadyrov continually repeats that it is not about the Chechen special forces, and the Russian division, says in the film.

Commenting on journalists a story about Kadyrov and trained special forces in Chechnya, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that “the Ministry of defense of Russia has repeatedly explained, who is in Syria, and what’s doing”, said the correspondent .

Russia has begun military air operation in Syria against the terrorists of the “Islamic state” September 30, 2015. From the first day of the operation the Russian authorities ruled out the possibility of a ground operation, subsequently this statement has been repeated. The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov admitted, however, that in Syria the volunteers, however, the Kremlin has no relations, he emphasized.

Immediately after the start of military operations in Syria Kadyrov urged to send in ground troops and. He stated that he was “sad for the fact that it is [in Syria sent] only air force that there is not used the infantry” and noted that in military operation are ready to participate thousands of volunteers. “We are the first to stand up. We are working on it for a year plus, we have a combat ready one. We are ready to go, we have volunteers — tens of thousands of people”, — said Kadyrov on September 30.

Before the operation in Syria, the head of Chechnya said about “Kadyrov’s spetsnaz”, but no messages are deployed on this topic not cited. So, in February 2014, informing about the fighting in Syria field commander Ruslan Machalikashvili nicknamed Saifulla, Kadyrov wrote in his Instagram: “Machalikashvili on the Internet wondered where is kadyrovsky spetsnaz, they besought him that sent him. The bandits didn’t know kadyrovsky spetsnaz can be on each piece of land, ready to explode under the feet of devils, wherever they were. The call of Shaitan, apparently, was heard, and death overtook the bandit”.

In early December 2015 Kadyrov, commenting on the execution in Syria of Russian Magomed] the ISIL militants, said that “we never made any secret of the fact that in Syria are effective, the group tasked to neutralize the bandits who present a real threat to Russia or Express threat.” If this Kadyrov said Khasiyev were not related to these groups.