Russian Ambassador: Moscow and Beijing on the situation in Syria and on the Korean Peninsula coincide

BEIJING, February 8. /Corr. Andrei Kirillov, Alexey Selishev/. The positions of Moscow and Beijing on a number of critical foreign policy issues, such as the situation in Syria and the situation on the Korean Peninsula, coincide. This was reported by the journalist. Russian Ambassador to China Andrey Denisov.

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“Our approach to Syria is absolutely match goals, objectives and the means to achieve them, and evaluation of the situation on the Korean Peninsula in the context of the DPRK nuclear issue and the consequences of Pyongyang recent nuclear tests coincide,” the diplomat stressed.

The Ambassador reminded that such coordination makes it possible to successfully solve the key problems of a complex nature, as was the case with the Syrian chemical weapons. “Actually this issue has been resolved thanks to joint well-coordinated work of Russia and China”, – he noted.

About the relationship of the North and South of the Korean Peninsula Denisov explained that in dealing with such regional issues, the two world powers seek to avoid measures which could lead to destabilization. “Any response should not lead to the aggravation of the situation. Here is our position and here we are in solidarity with our Chinese partners. Our approaches with China here match, between them there is no any gaps,” said the diplomat.

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