The authorities have rejected all candidates for the post of rector RGGU

Successors no

That current rector of Russian state humanitarian University (RGGU) Efim Pivovar can remain at his post, said a source familiar with the rector and confirmed by the Federal official. According to the latter, the Brewery was busy running and did not have time to nurture their successors, who would be able to change it. In this situation it would be right to wait until prolong his contract, he said. “Among the current candidates don’t have enough of an authoritative person, which would have supported most of the staff RSUH,” he added.

Elections of the rector are held at the meeting of the academic Council of the University, which is to meet in mid-February 2016. The academic Council consists of faculty, administration and students. However, to decide who will be the rector, staff and students of the RSUH will not be able. The academic Council of the University may only recommend to the Ministry of education of candidates for the post of rector, the final decision rests with the Minister of education Dmitry Livanov.

A source in the Russian state humanitarian University, confirms that the question of extending the powers of the rector in the University was really discussed. Brewer himself at one of the meetings of the academic Council at the end of 2015 did not exclude that eventually he can stay, he says.

Friend the Chancellor argues that the decision to extend the powers of the Brewery was taken recently. According to the source, he could coordinate the extension of their authority not in Minobrnauki, and in the presidential administration, in particular the assistant to the President Andrei Fursenko, who knows the Brewer from the time of its administration of educational Department.

Himself Fursenko said first hears about the possibility of extending the powers of the Brewer.

Brewer was unavailable for comment. Press Secretary RSUH Elena Komarova explained , the Brewer at the hospital.

The main humanitarian

RSUH was founded immediately after the collapse of the USSR in 1991, the historian Yury Afanasiev. RSUH has quickly become one of the major humanitarian universities in the country.

In 2003, the firm tried to attract additional funding to the University by signing an agreement with Yukos, which has promised to invest in the University several million dollars. The rector of the University in the same year became one of the leaders of Yukos Leonid Nevzlin.

Shortly in the management of Yukos was a criminal case, arrested the first person of the company Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev, Nevzlin emigrated, and RSUH was left without sponsorship.

In recent years it has been repeatedly reported financial difficulties of the University. The budget of the University, according to the documents, which are published on the University’s website, is 1.9 billion rubles. This is several times less than the budget of Moscow state University and Ranepa (13, 9 and 13 billion and 6 billion respectively).

In 2015, appeared in the media information about delays of salaries in the University — said in October the Institute of psychology named Vygotsky RSUH. In December the Prosecutor’s office even issued a submission to the Brewer “because of delays of payments of salaries and violations of the law at registration of teachers”.

Brewer holds the position of rector of Russian state humanitarian University since 2006, the second five-year term he was re-elected in 2011, and in 2016 he runs out of power. That’s why at the end of 2015 was announced in the University elections of the head of College.

Work with candidates

One of the candidates for rectors of Russian state University for Humanities, who wished to remain anonymous, said that in the summer in the presidential administration discussed the fate of the RSUH. According to the interlocutor, in the administration of evoked potential candidates in rectors and asked their opinion about the future of the University.

A source close to the leadership of the Kremlin administration, confirmed that the issue of candidates in rectors were discussed at RSUH and the Ministry of education before the election. According to him, the University and the Ministry were different views about the candidates for this post, so the discussion dragged on.

In the Ministry of education to questions about how the discussion of candidates in rectors RSUH, did not answer.

Candidates for rectors of six.head of strategic communication Department of the Moscow state University Andrey Khazin, the head of chair of social philosophy RGGU Eugene Ivakhnenko, Director of the Institute of history and Philology of RSUH Pavel Cherenkov, Dean of the faculty of history of art RGGU Vladimir Kolotaev, Dean of the faculty of documentation science and technological archives of RSUH Gregory Lansky, as well as Deputy head of the Federal Agency for tourism of the Russian Federation, Professor of the Higher school of Economics and former Minister of culture of Perm Krai, Nikolai Beginners.

The Applicant Khazin

Major candidates, according to several interviewed staff at the Institute for three: a Khazin, Shkarenkov and Ivakhnenko. Initially, according to one of candidates in rectors, many in the University thought that the rector will be the most famous and influential of the applicants Andrei Khazin, United Russia, a former member of the Federation Council of the Kirov region in his favor could play the closeness to the leadership of the party in power and a serious administrative resource.

The first candidate has officially declared their desire to become the rector, Khazin, once promised that in case of victory in the first place will improve the financial situation at the University.

In recent weeks Khazin, as the candidate for the rectors, in addition to promises, was trying to connect an administrative resource. “Recently the University came to the Plenipotentiary representative of the President in the Central Federal district Alexander Beglov. For Beglov, the University came in and Khazin,” says the source . Another candidate in rectors Vladimir Kolotaev said that they had heard about her recent visit to RSUH high-ranking official.

A source close to the leadership of United Russia, doubts that Khazin will lead the University. “He spoke in RSUH that received approval of the Kremlin to the leadership of the University, but it is not. RSUH is an important University, it would be correct that it was headed by the man who would be his for the faculty. Khazin is not” — said the source .

The word for the Ministry of education

6 February 2016 page teachers RGGU in Facebook published an open letter stating that the officials of the Ministry of education allegedly summoned members of the academic Council of the University and inform them that the powers of the Brewer will be extended, and Hazin “is a new Nevzlin” and to vote for him is not worth it. The open letter, as reported by the publication was written by one of the candidates for the post of rector Shkurenkova. In response, the other candidate Ivakhnenko has published his own open letter. Letter Shkurenkova, according to Ivakhnenko, “puts the entire electoral process at risk and the reputation of the RSUH makes scandalous”.

In Minobrnauki stated that last week the office asked members of the academic Council of the RSUH, informing about trying to pressure them one of the candidates. The candidate, whose name in the education Department is not called, the meetings offered to the staff of “financial rewards and position in return for a certain outcome of the vote”.

The correspondent in the Ministry of education said that the Brewer “because of age restrictions can not re-take the post of rector”. Press Secretary RSUH Elena Korovin explained that “Brewer currently is legally acting rector, and remained in this position in the case” if the Ministry of education “does not approve any of the candidates”.