The Finance Ministry is going to deny the regions to impose restrictions on alcohol

According to the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to Federal officials familiar with the document, the Finance Ministry intends to prohibit local authorities to restrict the sale of certain types of alcoholic beverages. Speech, in particular, goes about alcoenergy, banned in 38 subjects.

The Ministry of Finance proposal, effectively approving the initiative of the Federal Antimonopoly service, also allows you to restrict local authorities to issue their own Executive order on the establishment of the time of sale of alcohol and the distance from schools and hospitals, which may be a store that sells alcoholic beverages.

According to General Director of the Center of researches Federal and regional alcohol markets Vadim Drobiz, the input regions limit reduce legal sales and growth of the counterfeit and the real benefit there are no restrictions — including for the budget, not receiving the additional income.

In favor of the amendments is the Union of alcohol producers. Its Board Chairman Dmitry Dobrov sure that the proposal of the Ministry of Finance will not be left in the regional budgets for a portion of the funds collected from excise taxes. “If all excise taxes will be credited to the Federal budget, and then allocated to the regions proportional to population or sales, the situation will be better,” he said.

The opposite view is held by the Chairman of the coordination Council of the Public chamber on protection of citizens of the Russian Federation of drugs, alcohol and tobacco dependence Sultan Khamzayev. In his view, common standards are not applicable to Russia, where different regions have their own characteristics. In his opinion, if the big budget hole to patch “drunk money”, then in 5-10 years, Russia will start to lose economically active population.