The Fund Navalny was asked to initiate proceedings on close family Chaika Prosecutor

Old case

The lawyers of the Fund Alexei Navalny has compiled a letter to the Prosecutor General and addressed to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin. They are asked to check the actions of the chief Prosecutor of Krasnodar territory Leonid Korzhinek, who figures in the investigation FBK business sons Yuri Chaika, and to reopen the investigation against the leader of “gangs tsapkov” Sergei Hoe. The statements were filed in mid-December 2015, they were signed by the Fund’s Director Roman Rubanov.

According to the statement in the Prosecutor General’s office, which is in the possession , a year before the mass killings of the family farmer Server ametova leader “gangs tsapkov” Sergey Tsapok could become a defendant in the case of the attack on the police captain. From the decision about excitation of criminal case it follows that on 2 July 2009 Sergey Tsapok during the search in the company “Glory of Kuban” another defendant in the “case tsapkov” Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz publicly cursed a operative of management on fight against economic crimes of the municipal Department of internal Affairs across Krasnodar territory Nalbandian, S. C., and then punched him in the right shoulder.

In early September, the head of the investigation Department of the regional SC Vitaly Tkachev has decided to initiate proceedings under article “violence against a representative of authorities” (article 318 of the Criminal code; the Statute of limitations on it has not expired).

Less than a week later this decision was cancelled by the decision of the Prosecutor Krai Leonid Korzhinek.

In FBK believe that prosecutors should not have trusted the testimony of witnesses who formed the basis of the order for termination to a criminal case, because we are talking about people who wanted to help Capco. Also in the statement of the Fund States that the Korzhinek has not taken into account the medical examination, which was held by the police officer, and was guided by the information from the textbook for higher education institutions in forensic medicine. In this regard, the Fund asked the Prosecutor General to re-transfer the case materials to the investigative Committee for investigation.

Was there a fight

“The cancellation of the resolution substantially impaired the interests of society, but the perpetrator illegally freed from criminal responsibility, which further led to the Commission of new crimes including in the village Kushchevskaya”, — reads the statement of the Fund in the TFR (document is available).

FBK asked the Investigative Committee to check activities of Leonid Korzhinek under articles “illegal exemption from criminal liability” and “excess of official powers” (article 300 and part 1 of article 286 of the Criminal code).

One of the witnesses of the conflict, close to the family of Cavazos, said that in fact Tsapok didn’t hit the police officer, and emotionally just talked to him. “Can you imagine if Tsapok hit him?! There operatives with guns stood, they would put it right,” he said .

“Why Korzhinek has stopped the investigation, only God knows, but to talk about protection it is impossible”, — said another source familiar with the investigation “of the case tsapkov”.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, which is at the disposal, this episode was checked by the team of investigators involved in the murder of the family of a farmer Ametov, but crime is also not provided.

asked for comment to Vitaly Tkachev, who now holds the post of Deputy head of the Main investigatory management SK across Moscow region, but he refused to talk to the press. In the Central office of the investigative Committee, the Prosecutor’s office and the Prosecutor’s office of Krasnodar region are not promptly responded to the request .

Sergey Tsapok died in July 2014. To contact his family failed.

Conclusions FBK

Leonid Korzhinek from 1998 to 2006 he worked as Deputy Prosecutor of the Irkutsk region, after which he was appointed first Deputy Prosecutor of Krasnodar region. Since 2007 he is the head of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

The Korzhinek mentioned in the investigation of the Fund of struggle against corruption. In the publication, in particular, describes the relations of the members of the “gangs tsapkov” with the wives of high-ranking employees of the Prosecutor’s office.

The authors of the article, citing data from the register indicate that the co-owners of the company “the Kuban Sugar” were the wife of the convicted in the “case tsapkov” Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz Natalia, the wife of the leader of the gang Sergey Hoe Angela-Maria and company “Arline”. And share in the “Arline”, according to FBK, belonged to the former wife of the Deputy Prosecutor General Olga Lopatina and Hope Staroverova, wife of the former Manager of the state office of public Prosecutor Alexey Staroverova

“The very fact of its existence, “the gang tsapkov” owes to the patronage of high-ranking officials from the General Prosecutor’s office”, — stated in the investigation. The authors insisted that the “gang tsapkov” covers the Korzhinek, and his “strong position is explained in close proximity to the family of Seagulls”.

In the other post, Navalny points with reference to a Federal judge Dmitry Novikov, the Korzhinek and the eldest son Yuri Chaika Artem spent Christmas night in the service of Khosta in the Church of the Transfiguration.

“Communication with older Gulls Korzhinek obvious – we installed it in our investigation through Albina Kovalyova, a close friend of the family of Gulls and the adviser to the attorney General. The Korzhinek has long worked with Kovaleva in the Irkutsk Prosecutor’s office and even calls himself her “disciple”,”— stressed in a conversation with Navalny.