The heads of the film companies responded to the words of Putin about “greedy ghouls”

Under the letter Klimenko, published in “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, was signed by Konstantin Ernst, Karen Shakhnazarov, Alexander Akopov, Alexander Tsekalo and producers, heads of production companies. They expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that Klimenko in an interview to RSN called them “greedy ghouls”. “You recently expressed his position in relation to the theft of intellectual property, which we decry. And called us ghouls that create the movie. All this, of course, it was said rashly,” the signatories noted.

The authors of the letter also compared Klimenko Professor Pleischner from the movie “Seventeen moments of spring”. “Pleischner, when he went to headquarters, was the second mistake, and you have, according to our observations, first. It can be corrected”, — said in the text.

In the example, the signatories have led a number of films, including “Irony of fate”, “Diamond hand”, “I walk around Moscow”, “Brother”, “the Ninth company”, “Stalingrad”. “Glued to the creators of these films the image of ghouls? Will not deal with these ghouls, as Spielberg, Coppola, the Coen brothers”, — the authors of the letter.

Speaking of the pirates who signed the appeal, the producers report that they did not accept this word, preferring to call such people thieves. “And in recent years a simple and powerful image of the thief in relation to these figures for the mass adoption. To turn this situation around is impossible,” they indicate.

The authors also argue with the statement Klimenko that the fight against piracy need to be suspended because the people have no money. “This is a mistake. The most massive legal resources are absolutely free to the user. They either earn by advertising, or are maintained at the expense of rights holders, such as TV channels and studios,” reads the letter.

Interview Klimenko RSN was released on January 26. Discussing the fight against piracy, Advisor to the President stated that in conditions of falling incomes holders have dramatically lower prices. “If cinema is now worth 300, let it will cost 30. I’m sure there will be a sharp outflow from Rutracker, and then put 50. Learn how to boil a frog. But they are not ready, they want money. If we talk in simple words: the right holders require, you can call them greedy ghouls or whatever you like,” he said.

Comment letter to the producers of the Advisor to the President refused.

The offer to become adviser to the President on the Internet the head of the Institute of development Internet (IRI) Klimenko received personally from Vladimir Putin on December 22. A source in the Kremlin earlier said that Klimenko will be responsible for the development of the Internet and related industries, including medicine, trade, education and Finance. In addition to working in Iran, he owns companies LiveInternet, Mediametrics platform and the MediaTarget.