The Manager and the ROC commented on the arrest of the earth in Paris in the Yukos case

The Synodal Department for external Church relations of the ROC has denied the information on arrest of Russian land in the heart of Paris, on which to build a Russian spiritual and cultural centre. “We checked this information, it was a “duck”, — quotes “Interfax” the representative of Department. Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation and the Russian Embassy in Paris has not confirmed the information about the arrest, nor denied on the merits written .

Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation “has not received any complaints of a legal nature in respect of land” in Paris, told TASS Affairs Manager Alexander Kolpakov. In his words, “the construction of the facility continues on schedule”, “no change in this respect, no.” In turn, the representative of Embassy has declared “RIA Novosti” that “it is not the arresting plot, this Conservatory measures”. “We can’t sell it. It was hardly something new since then. At the moment, nothing new compared to 22 January, no,” he said.

Earlier today it was reported by apical with reference to the decision of the Paris court of 22 January, the attorney of Russia in France and a source close to the former majority shareholders of Yukos that in June 2015 the bailiffs on behalf of former Yukos shareholders won a case against Russia to the Hague international arbitration, imposed seizure (saisie immobilière in French legal terminology) belonging to the Russian Federation a plot of land in Paris for the construction of spiritual-cultural center and that the seizure remains in force, although the Paris court has previously recognized this property of diplomatic immunity.

Arrest does not imply restrictions on the use of property, and involves essentially only a prohibition on the sale (of which Russia was not going to do).

Russia appealed against this measure, as well as the arrests of other sovereign property, and experts believe that the protection of the Russian Federation, probably, will achieve removal of arrest in respect of the land, given his diplomatic immunity, the purpose of the cultural object and the position of the French Prosecutor’s office in favor of the sanctity of the site and construction of buildings. The legal dispute will not affect the construction of spiritual-cultural center which should be completed in 2016.