The media learned about preparing Britain for a possible conflict between Russia and NATO

UK as part of the exercises Shamal Storm will throw 1,6 thousand soldiers and 300 pieces of equipment to Jordan. According to military sources, The Daily Telegraph, the purpose of the exercise is preparing for the rapid transfer of technology to Eastern Europe in the event of a possible conflict between Russia and NATO.

According to the interlocutors of the newspaper, despite the fact that the exercises are held in bordering Syria Jordan, their conduct is not connected with the fight against “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).

“This exercise is not against ISIL. If anything, we’re more prepared to join the United States in Ukraine, not in Syria, said one of the sources of the newspaper in the army. Is not the same type of forces that need to send to Aleppo to fight the gang of jihadists”.

According to the official representative of the British army, the exercise in Jordan should provide full combat readiness “to deploy and support the armed forces of 30 thousand people anywhere in the world”.

Jordan had already been sent more than 300 units of military equipment. In the framework of the teachings of specialists in logistics, intelligence, explosives, as well as physicians, will work to support deployed troops.