The results of the Congress of “United Russia”: the rotation of personnel, rules of the primaries and pre-election theses

The results of the Congress of “United Russia”: the rotation of personnel, rules of the primaries and pre-election theses

In Moscow completed its work two-day forum “United Russia”, the first stage of the pre-election Congress of the party. It was the beginning of discussion on the principles of election programs, and also expressed the expectations from the election campaign. The second stage of the Congress scheduled for June.

Summing up the Congress, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Chairman of United Russia Dmitry Medvedev urged the party members to the maximum active work and stressed that “United Russia” should justify the trust of the people.

Rotation of personnel

The delegates held the rotation of the High Council, the governing body of the “United Russia” – left the ex-governors and several Federal Ministers.

United Russia also voted for the termination of powers known state Duma deputies in the General Council of the party.

As explained by Medvedev during his speech at the Congress, the party leadership is renewed by one third due to the fact that last year Congress was not performed and the rotation in leading party bodies was not. In the Charter of the party based on the principle of incremental updating of the managerial personnel by 15% annually, reminded the Prime Minister.

Electoral program

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United Russia has established a Commission for the preparation of the election programme of the party, it was headed by the head of the Cabinet of Ministers. To approve the programme document, with which with which “United Russia” will go on elections to the state Duma, will be in June.

According to Medvedev, for party it is crucial to win in open political struggle during the period of economic difficulties. The Prime Minister asked the party members “not to promise people what we cannot do, we are a responsible political force, especially in tight budget”.

Candidates for the candidates

Another decision of the Congress was the approval of the procedure for the conduct of party primaries (pre-party Caucus for the selection of candidates for elections to the state Duma will be held on may 22) and the formation of the Federal organizational Committee on holding them.

Victory in the primaries is a prerequisite for inclusion of a candidate in the election list of “United Russia”, an exception will be made only for the governors. The Federal part of the election list of “United Russia” will also decide in June.

The September election

Elections of the state Duma of the seventh convocation will be held on 18 September, for the first time in many years they will be conducted under a mixed system: half of deputies – 225 – will be elected on party lists and half in single-mandate constituencies. Along with the Federal will hold regional and municipal elections. Owing to the combination of these campaigns, the September election will be the most ambitious in recent years.