The Russians turned into the “economic pessimists”

The Russians turned into the “economic pessimists”

Moscow. On 5 February. The percentage of respondents who are pessimistic evaluating the situation in the economy, increased significantly for the month: now call her a bad 54% of respondents versus 43% in December, according to Fund “Public opinion”.

To such conclusions came FOM as a result of a survey conducted 30-31 January among 1,500 respondents in 104 settlements of the 53 subjects of the Russian Federation.

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That the economic situation in Russia is satisfactory now, said 41% of the respondents (49% in December). It is considered good as a month ago, 3% of respondents,

According to 58% of Russians, in recent years the economic situation in the country is changing for the worse (41% in December). Changes noticed 9% of respondents against 14% in December. Another 27% believe that the situation in the economy does not change (36% a month ago).

Another survey conducted by the public opinion Foundation among 3,000 respondents on January 30-31 in 207 localities 73 subjects of the Russian Federation, sociologists asked Russians that, in their opinion, for the last month happened with the prices of basic products, goods and services.

More than half of study participants (52%) noted that prices last month grew faster than before, more than a third said that the prices in this period grew in the same way as before.

In the minority of those who believes that prices last month rose more slowly than before (4%), and those who didn’t notice in change (2%), sociologists said.

Meanwhile, the Minister of economic development stated that the recession in Russia has ended. “By definition, a recession is when two quarters in a row there is a decrease. In this sense, the recession is over, it’s not,” Ulyukayev said, without specifying when the recovery from the recession. Apparently, he meant that in the third quarter of last year was seasonally-the cleared growth of GDP, and a new recession in Russia has not yet entered, as the decline was only in the fourth quarter of last year.

Earlier, Ulyukayev said that the Russian economy has passed “a bottom” at the end of the second quarter of 2015, and this year we can expect the correction of the economic situation for the better.

By the end of 2015 Russia’s GDP fell by 3.7%.