The stock market of Greece has fallen to the level of 1990

European stock markets closed on Monday, 8 February, falling more than 3%. The largest drop showed the Greek stock market, the main index, which fell to the level of 1990, according to Bloomberg.

By results of trades the Greek ASE index fell by 7.9%. The composite index of the largest companies in Europe Stoxx Europe 600 fell 3.5%, indexes in Italy and Spain declined by 4.4%, the German DAX fell by 3.3%, to 2014.

The Agency notes that European stock markets fall amid concerns about global economic recovery and in particular of delaying the rescue of the Greek economy.

“Investors can’t make up their minds about the global economy, risk of recession and deflation is growing,” said Bloomberg head of investment Department Prime Partners SA fran├žois Savary.

The decline was seen today on the American stock market. The S&P index fell by 3.15%, Dow Jones loses 2.08 per cent and the Nasdaq Composite index fell 2.5 percent to its lowest since October 2014, says Bloomberg.