“Transneft” kept at a bare license “Intercommerz” 6.6 billion rubles.

“Transneft” kept at a bare license “Intercommerz” 6.6 billion rubles.

In the Bank “Intercommerz”, whose Monday, February 8, the Central Bank revoked the license, kept their money, “Transneft” subsidiaries “Oboronservis” — LLC “Agroprom” and LLC “Oboronsertifika” and FGUP “state Corporation on air traffic management”, which provides air traffic control services.

Transneft as at 1 January held at the Bank of 6.6 billion rubles, the state Corporation for organizing air traffic is 3.8 billion rubles, “daughter” of “Oboronservis” — 1,1 billion and 885,8 million rubles respectively. This follows from the list of obligations “Intercommerz” has . The authenticity of the document affirmed the interlocutor familiar with a situation in the Bank, and a source close to the “Intercommerz”.

If these companies do not have time to “pull” their money from troubled Bank, they, most likely, will lose. Companies are creditors of the third stage, i.e. get your money in the Bank bankruptcy procedure the last. The recoverability of such assets is estimated and Analytical credit rating agencies (ACRE), on average below 5%.

The relevance of the list at the time of the review, on 8 February at the “Intercommerz” license by the Central Bank are unknown. For example, Russian authors ‘ society (RAO), which on January 1 was 500 million rubles in the Bank, had to withdraw their money from the “Intercommerz”. “At the time of revocation of the license of the Bank “Intercommerz” RAO money in its accounts was not”, — said the representative of RAO Ivan Kim. A source close to the organization, confirms that earlier RAO kept the money in the Bank, but, “knowing the situation in which the Bank is located, saved their money”. RAO is the largest authors ‘ societies, which receives contributions from all TV channels, radio stations, theatres, cinemas, cafes, shops and any public places where the sound of music, and subsequently distributes them between composers, poets, playwrights (the organization has about 26 thousand recipients).

Another organization, the all-Russian intellectual property organization (WIPO charges a fee in favor of performers and producers of phonograms), also saved their money (235 million rubles on 1 January 2016), according to a close source to her. “WIPO knew about the situation [with the Bank “Intercommerz”] and had to withdraw,” says the source . The WIPO General Director Andrei Krichevsky declined to comment on the situation with Bank “Intercommerz”, referring to the fact that Bank account information — “trade secrets of the organization”.

The representative of “Transneft” refused to comment, as did a representative of the state Corporation for organizing air traffic. Representatives of companies “Agroprom” and “Oboronsertifika” calls not answered. The press service of the defense Ministry, which these companies are subordinate, did not respond to the request .

Transneft is a Russian transport monopoly operator of oil pipelines of Russia. 100% of the ordinary shares (78.1% of capital) of Transneft are owned by the state. In free circulation are preferred shares. The company transports about 90% produced in Russia of oil. Revenue on 1 October 2015 by the international accounting standards amounted to 202 billion rubles, the profit was 14.7 billion.

The Federal state unitary enterprise “state Corporation for organization of air traffic” creates and maintains air navigation infrastructure on the territory of Russia and arrange for the safety of air traffic. The company’s revenue for 2014, according to “SPARK-Interfax”, made up 62.6 billion rubles, operating profit for the same period of 8.8 billion rubles.

“Agroprom” from 2010 to 2013 produced and supplied agricultural products to the Russian Armed forces. Then the company retrained and became involved in the management and development of the subsidiaries (“subsidiaries” — agricultural enterprise). “Oboronsertifika” engaged in since 2011 “logistic support” of “Oboronservis” (now JSC “Garrison”), and April 14, 2015 for the “Oboronstroy”.

The hole in the Bank “Intercommerz”, i.e. the gap between assets and liabilities, amounted to about 40 billion rubles this was told by a source close to the “Intercommerz”, confirmed a source close to the regulator. The latter said that the Central Bank in January, demanded that “Intercommerz” assessed additional reserves for possible losses on loans by about 70 million rubles, but the leadership failed to cope with the task even halfway.

The Central Bank indicated in its press release that due to a significant imbalance between assets and liabilities the reorganization of the Bank was impossible. Friend top Manager of “Intercommerz” last week said that if the regulator considers the amount of assets sufficient, it can take a decision on reorganization and to allocate money for it. “The owners of the Bank assess the hole in 30 billion rubles, the Central Bank is 40 billion rubles”, — clarified he.

The total volume of deposits of private persons and 68.4 billion rubles That is potentially the payments to depositors when the license revocation would exceed the amount necessary for sanitation. According to a source close to the regulator, the amount of insurance compensation to depositors of having “Intercommerz” up to 1.4 million rubles, is still to be confirmed and will be 63-65 billion rubles Collapse “Intercommerz” will be the largest insured event in the history of the Agency for Deposit insurance (DIA). The latter promises to select agent banks for payments to depositors not later than 12 February.

As it was

On January 29, the Central Bank introduced the Bank “Intercommerz” (64-th place by assets, according to “the Banks.ru”) interim administration for six months. The regulator explained its decision by the fact that the Bank decreased capital by 30% compared with the maximum value in the last 12 months, as well as a violation of one of the mandatory standards. A few days before the provisional administrator, the Bank ceased making any payments and to repay deposits.

In January the “Intercommerz” there is a shortage of liquidity, after the Central Bank issued the Bank an order to accrue reserves, said a source close to the Bank, and the counterparty Bank. After executing the instruction, the Bank breached the capital adequacy ratio, said a source close to the Bank, adding that many companies, upon learning of the requirement of the Central Bank, began to withdraw their money, then the Bank came the investors, the influx of which the Bank could not resist.

Before provisions in the end of last year, “Intercommerz” has paid a large amount of deposits, attracted in the midst of crisis at high rates. The Director of analytical Department of National rating Agency Karina Artemyev assumes, based on data reporting of the Bank that the Bank could pay 8 billion rubles to their depositors.

The Bank had a reserve of liquidity: at the end of 2015 formal indicators of instant and current liquidity, according to the reporting under RAS amounted to $ 150, and 134%, respectively (the minimum level — 15 and 50%). But this stock didn’t help the Bank to cope with the influx of customers.

The Bank “Intercommerz” was established in 1991, to 2006 he was called by the Bank “AIST”. The Bank is owned by some citizens and companies. The largest share, more than 10% owned by Mikhail Malov (15,01%), Valery Gladedale (11,33%) and LLC “POLEX-inter” (10,62%). Of the shareholders of “Intercommerz” with a share of more than 1% is also Board Chairman of the Bank Alexander Bugayevsky, which from 1994 to 2007, he worked in Alfa-Bank (the last four years as senior Vice-President). The owners of the Bank are not related parties, each of them individually has no effect on the Bank, indicated in audited statements “Intercommerz” for 2014.