Trutnev is proposing to establish six Tori in the far East

Trutnev is proposing to establish six Tori in the far East

MOSCOW, 8 February. Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev has declared its readiness to establish six territories of advanced development (TOR) in the far East. He said this at the meeting with the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev with Vice.

“As for new projects – work on them is ongoing, to date we have five new investment projects in the short list. Private investment of 280 billion roubles, and we are almost ready to endure another six priority development areas. All of this to be funded, and the projects ready,” he said.

The Deputy Prime Minister reported to the head of the Cabinet of Ministers on the implementation of new investment projects in the far East in the field of mining. According to him, during a 10-year period, these projects will provide revenues to the budget tax on 40 billion roubles.

In the report the Prime Minister about the construction in Kamchatka of a pig-breeding complex with a production volume of 1.4 thousand tons per year, Trutnev said that the volume of private investment in the project is 1.85 billion, while the budget – 150 billion roubles.

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Vice Prime Minister also spoke about the construction of the brewery in the region. Private investment in this project amounted to 1.1 billion rubles, with 72 billion rubles of state support. Throughout the development of the current investment projects on the territory of the Far East it is planned to allocate 722 billion roubles of private investments, public funds will be spent 59 billion. “We have these figures we will try to stay,” said Trutnev.

In turn, Medvedev was asked to continue working in this direction and noted that the problems in the far East remain. “What we are creating now power in the agricultural products processing is very important for stable food prices, because to carry everything from Central Russia or other regions is clearly not profitable. Need to create your own power, we have repeatedly during the meeting said that,” Medvedev responded to the report Trutnev.

According to the official website of the government, it is about expanding the list of investment projects in the far East three new. Two of them will be implemented in Kamchatskiy Krai, one – in the Magadan region. This will create over 2 thousand jobs in the far Eastern Federal district. In the Kamchatka territory will be implemented projects for the construction of brewery and development of pig breeding, and in the Magadan region – construction of mining and processing enterprise based on the Natalka gold-ore Deposit.