Acting Governor of the Tula does not intend to make a major reshuffle in the team

Acting Governor of the Tula does not intend to make a major reshuffle in the team

MOSCOW, February 9. The newly appointed acting Governor of Tula region Alexey Dyumin is not going to “shake up” the economy he inherited. He reported about it in interview to the newspaper “Kommersant”. First of all, according to him, it is necessary to understand and “to understand at all what is happening” in the Tula region.

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“No revolutionary movement is not, no Moscow landing, that’s for sure. And I think the team who now works there, is very good,” he says.

“In order to refresh (command), and to take such decisions, you should understand the situation, namely what happens on earth. And to understand it not with words and not with first views, we need to understand the need to work hard and understand generally what’s going on. And only after that any decisions to be taken if they are needed,” – says the acting Governor.

Elections, which should disappear Dyumin console I. O., will be held on the single voting day on September 18. “Elections are elections, but my responsibilities I, of course, will try to pay attention first of all. And very important to me, of course, is the mental state of the population… and security of those people for whom I’m responsible. And this task is very difficult,” admits Dyumin. He says that to have friends, Tula, what it’s like, “enough very dukhovity people, and with his rod, with his character and credibility to put our faith in you is not easy…”

In the coming days Dyumin constant travel plans “by companies, by cities, village, is, in a very full programme, pretty serious”. He plans to develop and offer the program of socio-economic development for five years.

“I’m going to work, if the people, the voters of the Tula region will give me the opportunity. If they do, then this program intends to implement a five-year,” said Dyumin. “No,” he replied to the question, whether will break.

“I put tasks that I performed”

Dyumin acknowledges that the appointment was unexpected for him.

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“Absolutely correct: it was a surprise he confirmed. – But the fact that it “fell” or “collapsed” on me, not exactly. I was appointed as the Supreme commander, and I said “is”, – said Dyumin occupied before a post of the Deputy Minister of defence of the Russian Federation. Before that he served in special forces, was in the personal guard of Vladimir Putin when he was Prime Minister and President.

“I put the tasks I performed,” says Dyumin, Recalling that all life he was connected with the army. “For the performance of special assignments” he was awarded the title of Hero of Russia, however, from revealing further details and comments on this subject refused.

The current acting head of the Tula region refuted the “myths” that were rescued in 2014 the then President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. “I don’t understand where that’s coming from. Where are the legends? Who creates these myths? This gentleman after the beginning of the known events in Ukraine I never saw,” said Dyumin. This question “I can’t even comment on because it’s not like that”, he said.