Aram Gabrelyanov will cease to control the “News”

The change of the publisher

Aram Gabrelyanov will no longer publish the newspaper “Izvestia”, said two sources close to the Kremlin, and has confirmed a source close to the National media group (NMG). “News” are owned by NMG, but holding Gabrelyanov News Media since 2011, manages the newspaper. The Gabrelyanov heads the Board of Directors of the publisher of OJSC “Izvestia”.

Now comes the selection of a new publisher of the newspaper, it can be found and announced in the coming months, says a source close to the MWF. According to him, last week in the holding was held the meeting which decided the fate of “News”, but a new publisher to them was not announced.

Indirectly about possible changes shows the change of the chief editor — this week is Alexander Potapov was appointed Arseny Oganesyan. He was invited by the President of the MWF Kirill Kovalchuk, says a source close to the holding company, and confirms a source close to the Kremlin administration. Still Gabrelyanov he picked up the editors of “Izvestia”. And spearheaded the newspaper in 2011, Alexander Malyutin, and came later to replace the Gabrelyanov Potapova know in the “Marker”.

Respectable media

Change of publisher of the newspaper linked to the desire of LMWH to make her more status, says a source close to the Kremlin. The Gabrelyanov — a professional Manager, it is treated with great respect, but he’s much closer to other formats, such as LifeNews, he explains. Another source close to the leadership of the presidential administration confirms that the shareholders plan to make the newspaper “more quality” and analytical.

The Gabrelyanov himself was repeatedly told that he is ready to abandon the “News”, and without them is now a large holding company, says a Federal official. Another source close to the Kremlin, also believes that the Gabrelyanov lost interest in the newspaper. A source close to News Media, calls the main reason for difficulties with revenues.

News Media contract with CGM to manage “News” expires in June 2016, told the Gabrelyanov. Under the contract, the newspaper is a holding company Gabrelyanov, News Media deals in all HR and organizational issues of the publication. All publications of the holding company is the General legal, information, advertising service, and distribution service. Under the contract, MWF takes only 10% of the income of “Izvestia”, the remaining 90% remain in the News and Media are spent on the development of Newspapers, says Gabrelyanov. According to the SPARK database, in 2014, revenue of OJSC “Newspaper Izvestiya” was 315,7 mln., net profit — 51 million rubles.

The General Director NMG Alexander Ordzhonikidze possible refusal of service Gabrelyanov not comment. Gabrelyanov says of himself that he about the decision to change the Manager of the “News” is unknown. “But I’m an employee, I will not be warped and will not surprise,” he says.

In this case Gabrelyanov confirms that a few months ago in LMWH started talking about the need to restructure “news”: “Shareholders satisfied all financial indicators, but they believe that the paper needs to meet the challenges of the time”. According to Gabrelyanov, he suggested to focus on the Internet and sent to fixed assets, but the shareholders “decided that this transition should be done gradually”. However, now the staff of “News” are encouraged to go to work in a new project Gabrelyanov — Internet portal The chief editor of the portal, which should be launched in the coming months, has already been appointed head of “Izvestiya” Potapov.

“News” are owned by National media group since 2011. On the MWF website stated that she was created in 2008 through the merger of the assets of Bank Rossiya, SOGAZ, “Surgutneftegaz” and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Severstal” Alexey Mordashov. National media group asset is considered to be affiliated with Yuri Kovalchuk, main owner of Bank “Russia”, while now it is only a minority shareholder in the company (via IR “Abros”, which owns 4.25% of LMWH). The Chairman of the Board of Directors of NMG is Alina Kabaeva, the President’s nephew Yury Kovalchuk Kirill Kovalchuk.

Who will replace Gabrelyanov?

Who can replace Moreover as Manager of the newspaper and such — is unclear, they say all the sides . But the new chief editor Arseny Oganesyan already have a strategy for the development of the newspaper, Gabrelyanov says: he should make the newspaper “more respectable”, the main priority in the “news” will now not exclusive news and analytical materials.

The Gabrelyanov said that he was not previously familiar with Hovhannisyan. But the new chief editor of the newspaper knows Kirill Kovalchuk, says a source close to NMG. Hovhannisyan himself refused to talk with .

In 2004-2006 Hovhannisyan worked as a political columnist, “RIA Novosti”, was the Deputy head of the political editorial office of the Agency. It Oganesyan went to the DTV channel (since 2008 is included in “CTC Media”, now called “Che”), where until 2009 he held the position of Deputy Director General. In 2009-2010 he served as Advisor to the head of the Federal Agency “Rossotrudnichestvo”, then became Deputy head of Department on public relations of the gas company “ITERA” (belongs “Rosneft”). In October 2013, Hovhannisyan was appointed Deputy Governor of the Kaluga region, in this role, he was responsible for creating the regional Department of internal policy and mass communications.

The new chief editor of “Izvestia”, familiar with the media environment thanks to his father, says one of the interlocutors. Father Arseny Oganesyan Armen worked in TV and radio, RTRC “Ostankino”, was head of the International Moscow radio. From 1993 to 2008, he was head of the state broadcasting Corporation “Voice of Russia”. Now Armen Oganesyan the head of the journal “international life” and is a freelance Advisor to the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Gabrelyanov have a good relationship with the political block of the Kremlin was headed by Vyacheslav Volodin. In it the newspaper “Izvestia” reported regularly on the important initiatives of the Kremlin. This edition contains Pro-government columnists. It is in the “news” in this year published an article Ramzan Kadyrov, in which he explained his thought about the “enemies of Russia”. The Gabrelyanov yourself have repeatedly appeared as speaker at events organized by Pro-Kremlin structures. As a media expert he came to the media forum of the popular front and the youth camp “Territory of meaning”, which oversees the Department of internal policy of the Kremlin.

Whoever became the new curator of the “News” quickly to terminate the relationship with News Media LMWH is unlikely, says one of the interlocutors . Technically, the newspaper is entirely integrated in the holding Gabrelyanov, all the data resides on the servers of his companies, he explains. In addition to “News” in the News Media are holding the newspaper “Life” and “Your day”, the TV channel LifeNews, sites and