At night in Moscow began the forced demolition of 97 objects of unauthorized construction

At night in Moscow began the forced demolition of 97 objects of unauthorized construction

MOSCOW, February 9. Authorities of the capital on the night of Tuesday proceeded to dismantle 97 of unauthorized construction sites that were installed in Moscow without the required documents. On Tuesday the correspondent of TASS reported a source in the city administration.

“The city by the state budgetary institution “roads” was forced to proceed to their forced demolition,” – said the Agency interlocutor. He explained that the day before expired period of voluntary dismantling unauthorized constructions, representing a real danger for Muscovites.

Head of the state inspection for control over use of objects of real estate of Moscow Sergey Sokurov told the correspondent of TASS that night there was about 700 pieces of equipment.

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“There are objects quite complex and large in regards to the area, they will be dismantled over a long period of time. There are objects small and simple, that much time will not take”, – he commented on the progress of the work.

What objects subject to demolition

According to Shugurova, most of the illegal structures stood directly over underground lines communications – telephone Sewerage, gas pipeline, heating systems, electrical grids, sanitation, etc. Every year in spring there is a natural movement of the soil, and large layers of the earth can shrink the pipe, causing an accident. In addition, inconsistent construction or repair of the building over the communication creates a vibration that goes into the ground and also can cause damage.

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For example, a squatter settlement near the metro station “Sokol” was built over the existing gas pipelines that provide gas to the entire area. Sokurov also said that among other dismantled during the night the unauthorized structures built above the exit from the metro station “Sukharevskaya”.

“This is a classic example, when the object of unauthorized construction is located directly above the exit of the metro. In 1998, he was put as an object temporary, temporary, with validity for five years. The object is dismantled, as it may threaten the life and health of citizens”, – said Shugurov.

He reminded that according to the amendments to article 222 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation, which were introduced last summer, the local authorities got the right to demolish the constructed objects, if they are on the land illegally and are in the zone with special conditions of use: in the right of way of utilities, the residential common areas.

Sokurov explained that 90% of the demolished structures have been implemented in non-food products, in particular, they were popular among the bookmakers and operators of cellular communication.