Chizhov: the EU is a critical mass for lifting sanctions against Russia

MOSCOW, February 9. In the EU there is a critical mass in favor of lifting anti-Russian sanctions. This opinion in an interview with TASS was expressed by the Russia’s permanent representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov.

“I’m not going to guess when what decisions (sanctions – approx. ed.) will be accepted, he said. – The process of accumulation of a critical mass in favor of review of decisions which affect the EU itself, which cause considerable damage to the economy of the EU, and politics too”.

Chizhov also stressed that “the EU’s role in the international arena in isolation from Russia is looking more flawed and less noticeable than when the EU is working together with Russia.” The diplomat cited as an example last year’s agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, which was the result of months-long, difficult negotiations with the participation of Russia and other countries of the “six” (five permanent UN security Council members plus Germany – approx. ed.) and the European Union.

“Where we work together, there is success, – said the permanent representative. – Where do fiction… As it was, for example, last week in the European Parliament, where he invented a resolution on human rights violations in Crimea. Well adopted a resolution, where, incidentally, there is a call to the Executive structures of the EU in any case not to lift sanctions”. “What good will it?” wondered Chizhov.

“Nord stream-2” will be implemented

Chizhov also said that “Nord stream-2” is implemented, despite the attempts to put spokes in the wheel.

“While this (the construction of “South stream” – approx. ed.) does not occur, implementing the “Nord stream-2”, – the diplomat said. Against him, though, are also trying to build plot. But I think that, despite the attempts to put spokes in the wheel, or rather, in the pipe, this project will be implemented. Also as was implemented “Nord stream-1″, despite the fact that to him, too, tried to find fault”.

Chizhov also left open the possibility that it may be resumed the project “South stream”. “Theoretically such a possibility exists, first, if the European Commission will reconsider their attitude to this project, and secondly, if countries that were potential participants, will once again show their interest, he said. – From the Bulgarian government, such declarations have already been made”.