From the Airshow to the new hub in Moscow will open a fourth airport

March 15, 20 km from MKAD will open the fourth Moscow airport Ramenskoye. In 2016, the hub plans to serve about 2 million passengers. What will be the new international airport and why you need it – in the material.

What exactly is the new airport

  • The new airport is built at the airport Flight research Institute named after Gromov in situated near Moscow Zhukovsky. The runway of the airfield – the longest in Europe (about 5.5 km). She can land all types of military, transport and civilian aircraft. Every two years the airfield hosts the international aviation and space salon (MAKS).
  • At the airport will be built two passenger terminals, a 250 room hotel, Parking and station for trains.
  • The airport is planned to start up Express train “Sputnik” from the Kazan station.
  • It is assumed that the Ramensky passenger traffic reaches 20 million passengers a year. It is planned that the airport will be based airlines-loukosterov.
  • The first flight from the airport, most likely, will make the company IFly.
  • The airport operator international aviation holding company JSC “Ramport Aero”. 75% minus one share owned by LLC “Avia solutions group Aeroports Management”, which is Lithuanian holding Avia Solutions Group. 25% plus one share of “Rosteh” in the person of JSC “Transport-exhibition company “Russia”.

How much money will it take to Ramenskoye

  • Investment in the passenger infrastructure of the airport will be, according to “Ramport Aero”, 10.2 billion rubles.

Why need a fourth Moscow airport

  • Large agglomerations (e.g. London, new York, Tokyo) are often served two or more airports due to the limited capacity of individual air Harbor. In the Moscow aviation hub, there are three passenger airports: Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo, there are also airports for corporate and military aviation – Ostafyevo, Chkalovsky, Ramenskoye. Until 2010 he worked as the fourth passenger airport, Bykovo.
  • The reasons for opening a fourth airport in Moscow include the workload of Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo, as well as the high cost of airport services to them, which does not allow the airline to low-cost airlines to establish low tariffs.