In Grozny explained words about Kadyrov’s Chechen fighters are the best in the rear of the ISIS

The interlocutor of Agency “Interfax” has explained the words of Ramzan Kadyrov that in the rear of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia, terrorist organization) are “the best fighters of the Chechen Republic”. According to him, it is about “self-organized groups of young people”, which aim to confront the terrorists.

The source Agency in the leadership of Chechnya stressed that none of these volunteers “not a serviceman of the armed forces or employee of the interior Ministry of Russia”. He also noted that the head of Republic Ramzan Kadyrov “never said that in Syria there is staff of special forces of law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation stationed on the territory of the Chechen Republic”.

The interlocutor of “Interfax” also said that in Syria are as people, identifying the channels of recruitment and the place of training militants, and those natives of Chechnya, who on their own initiative went to the area of conflict for the sole purpose of finding and eliminate your Travnikov involved in committed previously by militants killing relatives and loved ones.

On 7 February, the TV channel “Russia-1” showed a film segment from the program “Special correspondent”. It has been shown under the base Centroam where trained Chechen forces, and gave Kadyrov a story that at the dawn of the creation of the IG he has sent intelligence agents. Because of this, according to the head of the Republic, managed to create an extensive network of agents “in ISIS”.

Kadyrov pointed out that in Syria were sent to the best fighters of the Republic that collect information about the structure, the number of terrorists, identify targets for bombing and record their results. The head of Chechnya constantly repeats that it is not about the Chechen special forces, but the Russian division, says in the film.