In Sevastopol, the students were shown a movie about a real hero of the “Russian spring”

Outrage in Parliament

Deputies of legislative Assembly of Sevastopol has received complaints from the teachers of several educational institutions in the city, angered by the showing of the film with an alternative interpretation of the events of the annexation of Crimea to Russia. This was stated by the Deputy of the Sevastopol Parliament Tatyana Shcherbakova. According to her, the teachers asked her to “take action” and promised to investigate the situation.

As stated in the film about the underrated role of the Governor Sergey menyaylo and the presidential envoy to the Crimean Federal district Oleg Belaventsev in the events of the spring of 2014, and that the will of the people was a planned military operation. The film is available on Youtube. “To our shame, we have become undeservedly to forget the true humble heroes, who two years ago did anything to help us get back home, to Russia,” says the voice.

Member of the legislative Assembly Vyacheslav Gorelov believes that the film is incorrectly placed accents and underrated role of the “people’s mayor”, the Chairman of the legislative Assembly Alexey Chaly, who is considered one of the key figures of the annexation of Crimea to Russia (at that time “people’s mayor” of Sevastopol). “In the event “Russian spring” I was involved from the first hour, and the name of Sergei Menyailo I became known only in April 2014, when roan has been submitted to the President”, — said the Deputy.

“We were all witnesses to the events of February 2014. When people see that all this is turned inside out, people’s emotions are just going wild,” says Shcherbakova, — the Annexation of Crimea, it turns out, was not the people’s will and well-planned action. I consider this as some act of sabotage against Russia.”

The film has been shown on the direct orders of the education Department of the Sevastopol government, said Shcherbakov — without his permission in any educational institution of the film is not allowed. Vice-speaker of Catherine Altybaeva also believes that the film has a direct bearing on the government. Perhaps it was an indication of the Governor and Menyailo, does not exclude Shcherbakov.

Deputies proposed Caloma to invite the head of the Department of education to report on the matter, said the assistant speaker Alexey Filimonov.

The reaction of the Governor

Press Secretary of the Governor of Sevastopol Kirill Moskalenko said Menyailo has no relation to the screening of the film in educational institutions and that the Governor learned of the existence of a picture of the news. He will look at this picture and form an opinion about it.

“The film screening was private and was not designed for PR and not to the townspeople saw this position”, — said Moskalenko. In whose interests was shown the picture, it is difficult to say.

On the question of whether the order of the government of Sevastopol acting as the commentator in the film, the political strategist and former Kremlin official, and now Professor HSE Oleg Matveychev, a spokesman Menyailo said that he “has no relationship to the work of the government, at least not in the state”.

The Matveychev has denied cooperation with the command of the Governor, stressing that “Menyailo seen for a long time”. According to him, it only “pilot movie”, the film is removed, and rendered it “a private group”. “I think Chaly is really an impostor and a charlatan, who had been appointed to represent the people’s hero, and he was so in character that he believed in it,” says Matveychev.

Screenings in schools

Gorelov noted the lack of output data of the movie — in the credits is not specified Director, script writer and crew of the picture. This mixed documentary footage with staged, he said. “Maybe it’s a way to magnify the role of a man who had to those events nothing” — he suggested.

The film was shown to the teachers of school # 3, kindergarten number 63, Sevastopol Palace of childhood and youth, pedagogical Industrial College lists Shcherbakov. Teacher school No. 3 has confirmed that she and her colleagues demonstrated the film. According to her, the show was attended by Department of education of the government of Sevastopol Mikhail Radikov.

After the screening of the film the audience were given a questionnaire in which you had to provide your name, affiliation and contact phone number and write who were the real participants in the events of the “Russian spring”.

Radikov confirmed that he was present at the screening of the film “the 4th defense of Sevastopol” in the school № 3. In his opinion, this film is “a logical continuation of the” painting “Crimea. The way Home” and it “clearly reveals the role of people, community groups and the army that stood behind this people, that the revolution happened without bloodshed”. The film says that “polite people were standing and other people, in particular, the current Governor Sergey menyaylo and the authorized representative Belaventsev,” said Radikov.

Teaching staff the official said the same thing, he recalls. To the question, showed the film to groups of other schools, he said. Radikov explained that the film is an exploration of “one of the distinguished sociological Institute” — “we constantly conduct surveys”. What is this Institute, he refused to say, “because it does not matter”. “Recently on behalf of Putin were cut, as the Crimeans and Sevastopol residents reacted to the offer of Ukraine to recognize Crimea as Ukrainian. This is one of sociological research,” — said the official. In his opinion, “the most weighted focus group that reflects all the layers — this teaching”.

Radikov says he doesn’t know, whether distributed to teachers after watching the movie of the forms, as left the hall before the end of the show. The question of who ordered the removal to show a picture, he said, “I never ask this question”.

The history of the conflict

Chaly became famous in the time of the events of February-March 2014, when he was elected “people’s mayor of Sevastopol” at a mass rally. He was signed in the Kremlin the Treaty of accession of Crimea to Russia and became the first guarantora Sebastopol, but soon gave up the post, losing his Menyailo, and he became the speaker of the legislative Assembly.

Subsequently Chaly has repeatedly criticized the activities of the Executive authorities of the city, in particular, of the Governor. A new round of conflict broke out in 2015 after matirovanie Menyailo two laws, the conclusion of the government contract for the lease of land with the “Night wolves” and scandal around the reserve “Chersonese”.

In December 2015 Chaly said that resigns, explaining his decision unsatisfactory work of the Executive authorities of the region. “I think, first of all it should be responsible the person who headed the party list, declaring such purposes, that is I”, he said and urged Menyailo also to leave his post. Legally the resignation will be deemed accepted when it is adopted by the deputies of the legislative Assembly, however, since this question has been repeatedly postponed, and roan continues to lead the city Parliament.

Earlier, a source close to the Kremlin, and a source close to the leadership of the region, said that after a meeting with first Deputy head of the Kremlin administration Vyacheslav Volodin roan decided not to resign. Chaly himself refrains from commenting on this topic.