Italian visa center in St. Petersburg will be hosting fashion shows and business meetings

ST. PETERSBURG, February 9. Italian visa center in St. Petersburg now will not only visas, but also work to promote Italian fashion, business and tourism. Italian Consulate General the first of the foreign diplomatic missions in St. Petersburg opened its visa application centre business space.

“At the visa application centre has opened “Space Italy” with a total area of about 100 square meters, where Italian organizations, companies and associations will be free of charge provided space for meetings, temporary exhibitions and other events,” said the Consulate General.

“In the near future we hope to see in the halls of the visa centre the best examples of Italian fashion and design, as well as the presentation of the rich tourism potential of the country”, – said the representative of the Department of press and information of the Consulate General Olga Dekina.

The Consulate added that in 2015 the number of applications for visas to Italy had decreased by almost half compared with 2014, when it was installed historical record – more than 100 thousand visas.

“However, we expect that many owners of two-year visas obtained in 2014 Cross year of tourism in the near future will return to us for re-obtaining long-term visas”, – noted in press service.